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“Writing 101, Day Thirteen:Serial Killer 2”


Something very preciouss about the life we live is that it is dynamic and its evolving with new and fresh opportunity coming everyday. And the trend keep changing. It also brings new demand and provision needed to meet the new demand.

The internet is likened to a very big house. The bigger a house the more stocked it is. All manner of things are brought by all the members of the household.ย 

You can easily find whatt you keep but may take you time to find what others keep. On the other hand, an item that is been sort may be unseen at that material time you are looking for it. But if you are PATIENT.

It’s when you hardly expect that you’ll locate the “missing object” of a solution to a challenge or a purzzle. I found that to be typical of success online and in life generally. Patience is GOLDEN for whoever can do it.

Image from pinterest quotes.