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“On The Path Of Sanity”


Opposition party. Alliance Progressive Congres, APC supporters outside Chartam House, London during #GMB visit.

We are in era of ‘bole kaja politics’ where normacy had been made not to count any longer.

So much motion without movement.

So much noise without sense.

So much grabbing without value added.

So much money in the biggest economy. In the hand of few.

So much arrogance without decorum.

So much bragado without consideration.

So much lies without any iota of truth.

“Laala too roke, ile lonbo” no matter how far lies travel, truth will catch up with it in no time.

“Let Truth And Integrity Be Your Planet”

The planet that revolves around you.


This actually revolves round. Right at Barrack road in Uyo, capital city of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

So also power! Both political or otherwise should be revolving around

Coincidentally, there is a FM station! Planet FM 101 here in Uyo which claim to revolve around people.

“Bye Bye To Common Stealing”

Goodbye to what is not corruption but common stealing. A strong statement but unpatriotic ever said by a sitting leader. A statement that I would never be comfortable with because the implication is we as nigerian are common thieves or criminals, which we are not. Thieves know themselves.

There are decent nigerians, patriotic and nationalist who are so concerned about the country getting its act together for the good of all.

A systematic governance that is progressive and nationalistic in building a nation everyone would be proud of…..heralding a new era of nation building that is futuristic in planning to meet not only the need of today but of tomorrow as well.

“Three Months To The Election”


We are almost there even if what is seen of our nation today is not quite promising. Sentiments apart, we have come to a point to decide and determine where we are going as a nation.

Today, everything looked uncertain about the path that things will take politically and economilly . The only thing that matter is power to them but the only thing that matter to us the populace is for the country to get its bearing.


Many people I have interviewed feel like the time, February 2015 fast forwarded for it to be put behind. Talking about corruption and desperation, it’s quite obvious. But the fact of the matter is, everyone should be ready to work hard for the expected change.

In life nothing comes easy, if it does. It would not stand the test of time. We must brace up and be determine to create a new national experience and pathway to genuine development.

We have been lied to for too long. Politician squander our money, make life too unbearable fo so many. Yet at such time as this when election is knocking, they bring, come in pretence with small, small things like food and wrapper in exchange for vote.

They have been doing it over the years. Should we allow that to continue. The one you took over the past years did not lead anybody anywhere.

We have come to the time when you can use that voter’s card to turn around your life and that of your incoming generation.

Many times people ask me. Who are the people to bring the change? My answer is Nigerians should begin to look at track record of perfomance to know who that will bring the change. Afterall we would not import leaders from somewhere else.

Let power change hands, most especiallly at the center. There shouldn’t be any centiments about that. The good of the nation is the good of all irrespective of where you come from. Unless you don’t want a successful country. Then maintain the status quo.

It take one man to path a new course for a common good. With truth and genuine commitment for positive and desirable turnarount that would be for all not for few.
We couldn’t say the country lack such man out of almost 200 million people. Nigerian should not be satisfied with a political party ruling for time longer that necesary afterall there are two sides to a coin. Cast your vote and make it count. You will need to wait for another four years to have another opportunity.

“Recharged Passion”


When life situation beat
And bathered you,
It does not stop a thing.

It only buttress the truth
Of an arrow.
Where would it run to?

Arrow is not known to crawl
Neither does it walk,
But run it does,
Jet-like and spontaneous.

But first, the draw back.
The reversal of ram
Is to recharge!
Without which the power
Is never enhanced.

Do not be discouraged
By step back,
It will always lead to progression.