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“Uyo What Are You waiting For? “

Army of youths  in Uyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come and equip yourself with textile design knowledge that will never dissapointed you unless you are lazy. You also become part of Cooperative Society that will work with Bank of Industries to obtain soft, low interest loan earmarked for the informal sectors of the economy by the Federal Government Of Nigeria ‘Change’

I have written on this blog that the wind of change must meet something  In your hand or it will by pass you. Don’t be among youth who cry for lack of petrol, lack of this or that. They need to renew their mindset. Lazy mind will always be looking for free patronage From people in power.  That’s gone for good. Stop looking for stripents. Come and build your future here.

There are  three aspects of Textile Designing. Tie & Dye, Screen Printing and Batik.

This young lady in the picture below is a serving Corper in Akwa Ibom State. Faith Olisaakaeze, AK 15B/3161. With four days NYSC/SAED, Camp training. Did not even  continue post camp training because of primary assignment  location.  Other pictures are her work which I am proud of. She decided to run with small knowledge she obtained at 2015 batch B stream 2 camp.
What about you  who has all the time and wasting it looking for what is not lost.

Whatever you learn well cannot be taken away from you.
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“Capacity For Opportunity”


“DOLLAR WANT ME” The New Road To Opulence by Henry Harrison Brown. A great book from a great mind. Written for all who would be free from the grind of labour.

Robert Kiyosaki. A bestseller author of several title books is one man I can follow with my eyes closed.

I have met several friends, coach and mentors online, but the combination of Rich Dad and Amazing Academy is really awesome.

I have a feeling that Dollars truly Want Me and You as well when we learn and decide to take action on it.

Making it legitimately online is becoming as easy as eating breakfast. Knowledge, passion, focus and consistency can make it happen, endures it.

Internet will make a big difference in your life than any govermental agenda. The coach and mentors online would make the difference in your life than your politician.

Internet is changing the world, are you ready for yours to be changed for the best? Then click here for the training that will TRANSFORM your destiny and get you involved in THE BUSINESS OF THE 21ST CENTURY http://amazingsellingmachine.com for free.  

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