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“Weekly Photo Challenge:One Love 2”


This picture was taken by my friend Stanley at his sister’s traditional marriage in the middle belt state of Benue Nigeria.

The bride and groom expressing truly One Love.


Expression of One Love between the bride and a sister at the white wedding.

“@Keempres…..Collectibles III”


Traditional south south shirt. 100% cotton check. Delightful design.


Multi-color cotton spiced with blue. Just ‘top’ that can go with denin pant, chinos or any other nice pair of trousers.


Corporate shirt, simplicity and stylish.


Just top ‘His’


Just top ‘hers’.

Calabar, Uyo, Nigeria

“Ekpe And Men”

Ekpe masquerade at the cultural festival day of all long, thirty two days of christmas festival.

Ekpe dancer from the Culture and heritage department of the office of the Governor of Cross River State of Nigeria.

Ekpe in Cross River State of Nigeria is a masquerade of traditional relevance. In traditional understanding among western part of Nigeria, though EKPE is from south south! Such figures are called ARA ORUN…. heaven dwellers. In the olden days, they are known as migrants who comes to the world for occasional purposes.

Tradional dance from this part of the world cannot be completed without these features being adequately featured.