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” The Write Of Life”

Locomotion of Thoughts.

Constantly grinding

The mechanism of self,

Seeking Outlet

Via the exhaust pipeline.

In bit and pieces.

Or in torrent

But flow

It must,

So as not

To Bust

Or be Burnt

Into extinction

If the exhaust

Is blocked.

Keep your

Exhaust open.

Keep writing

Your life out.

“Emergence Of Risk Takers”


Don’t be stupefied at all the happening around the net. One thing to be careful of is running around in circle going no where. Your path must be clearly defined. Bear in mind that true success is not likely to be a straight road but clustered with curves, meandering endlessly like there would be no end to it. The ability to be focused and know for sure that there is something tangible lurking ahead is required. Be determine to follow it to logical conclusion. Where there is no hope, there is no pursuit. And no pursuit, no crown.

There is a school of thougth that argued that you must not be too idealistic about the set goal. Saying much focus on the anticipated change is an admission of LACK. But basically, I believed that lack of focus does not do any good either. There is risk in taking risk as well as not taking. So where is the divide? I think it’s in moderate and balanced disposition towards everything and anything we set our mind on to do. One thing that is certain is whatever you have stepped out into the ring to do, much of you is expected to be put into it. And it has to be on consistent basis.

Time, energy and money is required to sustain it. “Rome is never built in a day”

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“Blogging Plus Coffee:Wow Combination”

Coffee is the un-disputable, undeniable drink of the bloggers.


Does strong aroma of coffee makes you feel good?


There is a saying aroud here that too much coffee is not good for one’s health and yet there is strong level of addiction most especially among the blogger. Is there any alternative to coffee?. Let us get enlightened.

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“The Dilemma Of Not Knowing What To Write”


I had faced this several times over. Sometimes I just don’t know what to pick and where to pick it. But one thing I have learnt is to keep learning from everyone and everything I can lay my hand on. Data I can consume that encourage me or prompt me to move on. This piece am writing is prompted by Michelle W’s post. “Recomended Reading:Bird by Bird” a book written by Ann Lamott.

There is this particular statement about “we need to make messes in order to find out who we are and why we are here”. In relation to being a writer. In further Ann Lamott’s word “writing and reading decreases our sense of isolation. They deepen, widen and expand our sense of life: They feed the soul and restore our largeness”. I intentionally read to learn, study to get knowledge and I can’t but agree totally to the expression above that writing and learning is soul lifting. Whatever the situation one find him/herself. It also support the fact that so many messy situation can be corrected and be put together in the right format. It’s inside the failure that where the success lies, if one can look and act with steadfastness of purpose and the reality that all cannot be lost. Something to hold on to remains.

Whenever you’re stuck, not knowing what to write or write about. If you’re like me who always make notes here and there, go to those materials scathered on your desk and read through all over again. I can assure you, something will come up and you’ll definately get a bearing.

In general life situation,there are times when we feel like we’re being stand still and things are no more working well the way they have been! Lucky you if you are a writer. What you need to do is read, write and visualize your way out of your sorrow or that unwanted situation. That’s the power and beauty of self expression. It’s globally beneficial.
Hear Michelle W. “For me, the beauty in ‘Bird by Bird’ is that it help me feel good again, about choosing to write, about dedicating myself to blogging, about my unique voice, about experimenting and making ”messes” and playing with words and pictures to make stories- simply put “go resourcing”.
A bit on Michelle.
By all standard a successful blogger, a power-house blogger, one of the leading light in wordpress.com. Such a wonderful woman who gives her best passionately. Prompting the best out of you to come out your best.
Like Eddie Murphy says in the movie Holy Man, if you are privileged to meet her in person. Please hug her and thank you in advance. To your best blogging life.

“Unending Journey:Blogging”


Image: wordpress logo.

Blogging is a lifetime journey. It has no ending, no specify condition that would make you retire from it unless you just let go. It takes you as far as you can go and your ability to learn very fast from other bloggers you interact with, is a strong factor for your growth even if you’re yet to belong to any blogging community.

Being consistent with quality post will bring you closer to leading bloggers, some of which form your early readers. Who will be willing to give you a helping hand. Blogosphere is not a place for bragging but a platform to exhibit humility. Because of the fact that there is more to know than what is already known, we must show serious desire to learn from every blogger. Reason being that there are bloggers who are more experienced, yet with great humility. I have been privileged to meet large number of such and I make sure am very attentive to their words and their ability to appreciate your like, comment, follow and reblogging. I personally feel blogging is a game of number but another school of thougth argue otherwise.

The bigger your traffic, the more your audience and business opportunity. Every like, comment and follow is an action performed by human being. By your niche and consistency, readers should know what to expect from you and it has to be quality and not quantity content. So, we all need to learn to keep abreast to gain deep acceptance. As one become known, focus must be maintained not to loose track. What matter most is the level of interaction that is maintained with fellow bloggers.

Popularity is how lots of people relate with your post. Engagement is how many people care enough whether they agree or disagree to actually respond to your content.
The goal is figuring out what it is that make people follow your blog. What type of post they enjoy reading most. To stick by it and improve on it.

WordPress platform is great with plugins and technical assistance to make your blog journey easier, eventful and result oriented. Happy blog life.

“The Smile From The Heart”


Typical Nigerian Child.

Million of them on the street everyday hawking one thing or the other. Mostly from poor home, and that could not deprive them of joy from within even if can not tell where the next meal comes from.

When I look at the societal set up, I feel sorry. Not for the oppressed but the oppressor because one rich man that built a mansion at the end of a stretched mud soaked road with thatched huts littered on its sides is actually a very big poor man. That is Nigeria leadership for you.

“Engage Your Mind”


Time wait for no one.

This is paramount to creativity and productivity. When we were young, we used to believe time is money. But the reality of life has proved otherwise. Productivity is money and your success depend on how productive you are.

Nuture your mind intellectually. Seek knowledge as wide as you can. “Nkan teeye baje leeye ma gbe fo”. Yoruba adage that translates. Whatever birds eat is what it flies with and it become “Ajesara” In-depth Power. Exactly what you need to influence others, afterall nobody gives what he or she doesn’t have.

My candid advice is to keep your hard work till you have found your right work. It takes special grace of God for a wheel barrow pusher to be successful no matter how hard he works. When we find our What, the best of us comes out prominently. Let’s find that before we deploy the energy needed for set goal and achievement.

In this part of the world, we need to realise that there is a new dispensation and its TIME for new Approach and Strategies to reach the peak of our calling and self fulfillment.
These are few thoughts and the blog is open to better and wiser advice from you all. Please feel free to add what you feel best suggest success practise. You are welcom.