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“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”


Anytime like most times when I look back at my early years, smile comes upon my face. I can’t help but to be amused how virtually everything has changed. We’re in the new world with new values. And it’s interesting and exciting to look ahead and walk towards it.

Communication basically has changed from one way traffic to duality. Communication today cry for response. Communication today is smart in content and it’s valuable, thanks to internet.

The first communication object I got to know is Redivision radio. One way news box with only one frequency transmission. You only turn the volume\on knob on. We yoruba call it, “Ero asoro ma gbesi oro” means one way traffic communication machine. That was mid- sixties. The first Television Transmission Station in Africa was established in the western part of Nigeria. That was a major plus and great achievement. An edge the region had over the two other regions that made up Nigeria at that time. The WNTV…Western Nigeria Television, established in 1959, the year of my birth and a year before Nigeria independence.  Enjoy only by the senior civil servants and the rich at that time. It was black and white tv with the rest of populace made do with redivision radio box.

Pockets of medium wave radio transmision later came on board some years later and few newpaper publications. FM stations was created by Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) in the eighties. Radio Nigeria 2, fm sterio. FM station is now in every State Capitals even several other ones in states such as Lagos, Port Harcourt and federal capital, Abuja.

It’s now that private ownership of media houses are becoming common. Both electrical and prints. Some State Governments still have unnecessary hold on their media house for their selfish interest. They become ‘yes-sir’ mouthpiece.


Leadership in certain States delibrately keep people in limbo so as to have absolute control over them.



Things are changing because of advent of INTERNET which was an added value to GSM platform. It brought out the beauty of the duality of telecommunication passage.
Communication these days cry for response and this harness building relationship across the platform irrespective of location and statue. Data bandwidth of infomation collation, exchange hands and are even paid for.

Infomation become commodity traded in exchange for renumerations. It become expensive and life changing. It add values, change stories, make ordinary people make extraordinary income. It make used-to be nobody become leaders.
It become a bandwagon that everybody must rush into. An electric train at supersonic and spontaneous speed. If you jump into it, it takes you far. If you cross it, it crush you.
Full of smart content for smart people, evolving and seems to be unending.


Simply put…What’s the life span of GLOBAL VILLAGE?

There is a big concern! Ask me what it is? Though it’s yet to be too clear, but I think we all need to make contribution by commenting on this issue of great concern by voicing out our opinion. My appeal goes to the good friend and followers of this blog. Please let’s hear how you feel about it.


What is the future of INTERNET?

The fact of the matter is, the way things are going!  We may soon cease to have a single global village as we have now. Does it sound alarming?  Well considering this:-

Internet originated from US. All the major benefits of the global phenomenon is largely enjoyed by the leading corporation in the US.
Let me just name few…..Amazon, ebay,microsoft and most of other influence that comes out of silicon valley. Their tentacle is wide spread across the globe. Backed by law from Capitol Hill.

It gave United State certain privilege of control of information over time which other regions are not too comfortable with. And they are doing everything possible to have their way to increase their influence and control at least over their region.

According to a report, US is not ready to let go of its influence and control of the internet. Then where do we go from here and what do we expect of the future of internet? Or the tussle is part of the evolution of the internet?

China, Europe, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Malasyia, Singapore and others are puting multi billion dollar projects in place to checkmate the US overbearing global web control and its attendance influence.

The questions are:-

(1). What are the global consequence of such
(2). How would it affect global business
(3). Would global village be reduced to regi-
      onal villages?
(4). What would be likely effect of power
      changing hand to several blocks?
(5). How would it affect the effectiveness of
      the information dissemination across
      the globe?
(6). What is the future of Africa and particu-
      larly the people that are newly coming
      to term with great opportunies that
      Internet presents?

These and more questions beg for answers. That’s why those who have more and detail knowledge of this should educate us further on what to expect and how to prepare for for the eventuality.

On a final note. Because it is our world as partaker, we must not allow the internet to die, no! Or be reduced to less significance. Let us all do our best to keep internet ball rolling. Less of political insurgency. I would love to hear from you great guys for the benefit of educating ourselves and other. Enjoy the post and thanks for reading through.

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“Writing Space: Where It Drop, Is Where I Pick It”

I write as inner prompt comes, just as I am now. Got my inbox filled up and more or less affecting the speed of my phone. In trying to decongest, reading mails before deleting some that am done with. Just saw this and decide to write a post on this topical prompt. I am begining to enjoy writing, that must be so because of the fact one keep getting better from participating in challenges from time to time.

Writing on mobile device seems to make things easy and quite engaging, whenever i feel like writing. There are times like this moment when the flow just comes easily. But quite frankly it could be a bit tight sometimes. Whatever one need to do, I think it is necessary to strive to get it done as at when due.

I enjoy writing so much now. It not like it used to be, like a burden. I know that it could still be challenging once in a while but that would not stop me flying with wordpress on the go.

At the moment, am watching world cup match between Mexico and Netherlands. The situation around me a bit noisy, yet am still able to pull this together. Netherlands just won the match. Good job.

“The Online Success Secret:Proven Strategy”


The path of life is coloured with mixed occurences and uncertainties. This warrant you to be constantly be on your toe. The road you’re presently on may be new to you but it is known to someone else who had passed through it. In essence it mean someone would have already known what you are yet to or about knowing.

Online business is full of intrigue and suprises and require lot of strategies that you would need to study and master. Could that be gotten on platter of gold? I doubt that. For you to be a master of the game, you must go through the rudiment. Acquring the knowledge and learn the secret. And that is the proven strategy.

An Australia writer,Brian Sher’s book. “What Rich Know & Desperately Want To Keep Secret”. You may ask what is actually the secret? You may say the knowledge aaccumulated over the years and being streamlined for you to easily get the same result withing a reasonable space of time. The second question is why desperation of keeping it secret? So, it could be traded in exchange for earinngs. The journey would never be smooth or easy but it is summontable. Such books like thousands of others on the web or on paperback try to bring to light ways to achieve success with though, unavoidable but minimal challenge.

In the jouney to success, you must be prepared for dissapointment, pain, agony, loneliness, rejection, discouagement etc.  And despite these and other challenges, “The credit still belong to the man who is actually in the arena…..who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat” THEODORE ROOSEVELT. 1910.

Another level of secret is on self actualisation. The secret within. Until you discover it, the externally sourced one might be a bit far off. That is the law of attraction. When you have inner harmony and the bulk of your thinking is based on possitivity and all the good things you want for your life. The emission coming out of you goes out to source that which you desire. Whatever you allow to dwell inside you, let it be your heart desire not what you don’t want. Dwelling on what you don’t want will make it attrracted to you. So guide your heart.

There could be much more to success in life’s journey. I’ll appreciate more contribution in your comment. That is welcome.

“Why I Write What I Write”


I write what i write because i have to let my thought out. Over the years before i realise i could have a blog, i write here and there and may not now lay my hand on those write up. In life, there is so much in us or of us to write about. Personal and social issues as it affects us day by day. Buttress the fact that things are happening all over that affect our today and the future. Both of our generation and the yet to come. So there can never be lack of what to write about. It’s how we can be able to package our writing in such a way that it would be beneficial to humanity.

We all live in a global village, brought into being by the same force. Look like one another[resemblance]. Though may not speak the same language or live in the same part of the world. Several people around the world may be going through similar challenges.

Our Words, can be spiritual and at same time give succor, hope and life to others. We all need one another to survive the world, we all need one another to relate with, we all need one another to be reminded that hope is not lost and things will get better no matter what we are presently going through.

That’s why we must continue to write, because in doing so. We are making the world a better place for all of us to live in. In a way, it can make all the difference. Why? The reason being that shoulders are available for all of us to lean on.

My conviction is in writing. God willing, I’ll continue to do just that, come what may and i sincerely hope it will be good enough for you to read and to enjoy. Wishing all bloggers out there meaningful and impactful blog life.

“The Joy I Feel:Knowing You”


It does not matter where you are,
Neither how far away?
Nor your situation.

But one thing is sure,
I am glad when I look
Across the ocean and space.
And my mind locate the smile
On your face.

That despite uneasiness of the world
We live in,
You’re still capable of smile
Deeply and heartfelt.
I am glad deep heartedly.

Your emotion
Is an emission that
Touches my soul.
Am happy for your hapiness,
Am touched for your concern.
But all is well my dear friend.


Jon Morrow. ( Awesome Legend)
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“Unnecessary Killing:Too Many”

To those that lost their life in Nyanya bomb blast at Abuja Mass Transit Terminal few days back and other affected North Eastern part of Nigeria.  And thousand that had been wounded over time.


Wounded on a wheelbarrow. The state of emergency prepparedness!

“As the day break and the Sun shine! Day by Day, the Clock tick- tack so the Heart pound, nurture to embrace the good thoughts we have of those that we hold dear to heart.
So much friction, so much agony, so much loneliness in life. May be as a result of what we caused by our action or inaction or rather what destiny placed on our lap.
The life we live will be more fulfilling when there is love to share” keempres.