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“A Step @ A Time”


A step, get steady and then proceed. Happily and joyfully
As the cloth tickles steadily,
Life continues smoothly.

You may be told
You’re not too smart.
But you should know
That life itself
May not be too smooth.

But slow, but steady
Accomplish the goal.
Journey of a thousand mile,
Commence with a step.
It’s  a new day.

“Uyo What Are You waiting For? “

Army of youths  in Uyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come and equip yourself with textile design knowledge that will never dissapointed you unless you are lazy. You also become part of Cooperative Society that will work with Bank of Industries to obtain soft, low interest loan earmarked for the informal sectors of the economy by the Federal Government Of Nigeria ‘Change’

I have written on this blog that the wind of change must meet something  In your hand or it will by pass you. Don’t be among youth who cry for lack of petrol, lack of this or that. They need to renew their mindset. Lazy mind will always be looking for free patronage From people in power.  That’s gone for good. Stop looking for stripents. Come and build your future here.

There are  three aspects of Textile Designing. Tie & Dye, Screen Printing and Batik.

This young lady in the picture below is a serving Corper in Akwa Ibom State. Faith Olisaakaeze, AK 15B/3161. With four days NYSC/SAED, Camp training. Did not even  continue post camp training because of primary assignment  location.  Other pictures are her work which I am proud of. She decided to run with small knowledge she obtained at 2015 batch B stream 2 camp.
What about you  who has all the time and wasting it looking for what is not lost.

Whatever you learn well cannot be taken away from you.
@keempres +234 8064334851,+234 7010906261





“Storm Weathering:Have No End”

Since there are
Time and season.
Due time wiil
Take its course.

No matter how
Hard a man walks
Like a man on the line,
The step will be one
At a time.

No matter how hard
A man walk,
If its not yet time!
Its not yet time.

Unless the short cut
Which have a bigger
Price to be paid.

Man have the choice
To make a choice.
But strong belief
System make the choice
To be clear in pursuant
Of destiny goal.

Is anything good
Comes easy? No
But Divine promise
Never late or fail.

Despite the terrain
Laid with uncertainty
In numerous shape and sizes.

One thing that is clear!
Our source is not a failure.
You are not a failure
Until you start to
Seeing yourself so.

Brace up,
It’s never over till
It’s over.

“Time To Walk”

Time! Time! Time!

The crawling had come

To a dead end.

The pace tempo

Increases to

Perfect strides.

The destination

Seems far off!

But the pathfinder

Had surfaced

To harness

A new begining

That require

Every purposeful

Steps to be in

Right footing.

For onward

Progression to

Desired Dreamland.

A nation on a

Journey of life.

“Last Minute Syndrome”


Last year christmas carnival had come and gone but the preparation was not up to date. Several years back, everything would had been in place by 30th of November.

The Christmas Village where tourist and resident enjoy themselves, street mark paints and decoration and extra lightning were delayed till few days to the carnival proper. Though last year mark the 10th year of Calabar Carnival and that was the reason why the theme was tagged ‘Celebration’


There was so much laxcity which really dampen the tempo.

This might be a result of the present state leadership on the way out and resulted to less vibrancy.

Hopefully by end of this year and by the incoming leadership, carnival full glamour will be restored

“As It Is Now”

There are days
That there are
Words without
Time. And time
Without words.

So much to be
Said and time
Isn’t there,
Or abundance of
Time but the
Word is scarce.

Now, all should be said
Straight with all
Seriousnes and

Be told that
There are better
Way to get result.
“The change”

“Between Football And Self Development”


What is the best invesmtent available to man world over? It’s your investment in self development. But the reality is majourity of the people does not see it so.

It is only the few numbers that know it and takes steps to equip themselves with the tools of self development.

But there is hope. The fact of the matter is that self development enroute you to entrepreneurship, it’s something to be taken seriously. People today use smart phones though many does not see it as business tools. Time will definately reveal that.

Anytime I looked around, the army of youth are so engrossed into football followership, with so much zeal and knowledge about round leather business. Someone else business at the expense of their own. I see that as a misplaced priority.

The time that is devoted into that, if properly earnested to learning. That will turn them to a value giver, to bothย  themselves, others, nation and the world at large.

The more time you commit to learning, the more productive you become. And the universe benefit tremendously.