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“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”


Anytime like most times when I look back at my early years, smile comes upon my face. I can’t help but to be amused how virtually everything has changed. We’re in the new world with new values. And it’s interesting and exciting to look ahead and walk towards it.

Communication basically has changed from one way traffic to duality. Communication today cry for response. Communication today is smart in content and it’s valuable, thanks to internet.

The first communication object I got to know is Redivision radio. One way news box with only one frequency transmission. You only turn the volume\on knob on. We yoruba call it, “Ero asoro ma gbesi oro” means one way traffic communication machine. That was mid- sixties. The first Television Transmission Station in Africa was established in the western part of Nigeria. That was a major plus and great achievement. An edge the region had over the two other regions that made up Nigeria at that time. The WNTV…Western Nigeria Television, established in 1959, the year of my birth and a year before Nigeria independence.  Enjoy only by the senior civil servants and the rich at that time. It was black and white tv with the rest of populace made do with redivision radio box.

Pockets of medium wave radio transmision later came on board some years later and few newpaper publications. FM stations was created by Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) in the eighties. Radio Nigeria 2, fm sterio. FM station is now in every State Capitals even several other ones in states such as Lagos, Port Harcourt and federal capital, Abuja.

It’s now that private ownership of media houses are becoming common. Both electrical and prints. Some State Governments still have unnecessary hold on their media house for their selfish interest. They become ‘yes-sir’ mouthpiece.


Leadership in certain States delibrately keep people in limbo so as to have absolute control over them.



Things are changing because of advent of INTERNET which was an added value to GSM platform. It brought out the beauty of the duality of telecommunication passage.
Communication these days cry for response and this harness building relationship across the platform irrespective of location and statue. Data bandwidth of infomation collation, exchange hands and are even paid for.

Infomation become commodity traded in exchange for renumerations. It become expensive and life changing. It add values, change stories, make ordinary people make extraordinary income. It make used-to be nobody become leaders.
It become a bandwagon that everybody must rush into. An electric train at supersonic and spontaneous speed. If you jump into it, it takes you far. If you cross it, it crush you.
Full of smart content for smart people, evolving and seems to be unending.


Simply put…What’s the life span of GLOBAL VILLAGE?

There is a big concern! Ask me what it is? Though it’s yet to be too clear, but I think we all need to make contribution by commenting on this issue of great concern by voicing out our opinion. My appeal goes to the good friend and followers of this blog. Please let’s hear how you feel about it.


What is the future of INTERNET?

The fact of the matter is, the way things are going!  We may soon cease to have a single global village as we have now. Does it sound alarming?  Well considering this:-

Internet originated from US. All the major benefits of the global phenomenon is largely enjoyed by the leading corporation in the US.
Let me just name few…..Amazon, ebay,microsoft and most of other influence that comes out of silicon valley. Their tentacle is wide spread across the globe. Backed by law from Capitol Hill.

It gave United State certain privilege of control of information over time which other regions are not too comfortable with. And they are doing everything possible to have their way to increase their influence and control at least over their region.

According to a report, US is not ready to let go of its influence and control of the internet. Then where do we go from here and what do we expect of the future of internet? Or the tussle is part of the evolution of the internet?

China, Europe, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Malasyia, Singapore and others are puting multi billion dollar projects in place to checkmate the US overbearing global web control and its attendance influence.

The questions are:-

(1). What are the global consequence of such
(2). How would it affect global business
(3). Would global village be reduced to regi-
      onal villages?
(4). What would be likely effect of power
      changing hand to several blocks?
(5). How would it affect the effectiveness of
      the information dissemination across
      the globe?
(6). What is the future of Africa and particu-
      larly the people that are newly coming
      to term with great opportunies that
      Internet presents?

These and more questions beg for answers. That’s why those who have more and detail knowledge of this should educate us further on what to expect and how to prepare for for the eventuality.

On a final note. Because it is our world as partaker, we must not allow the internet to die, no! Or be reduced to less significance. Let us all do our best to keep internet ball rolling. Less of political insurgency. I would love to hear from you great guys for the benefit of educating ourselves and other. Enjoy the post and thanks for reading through.

2nd & 3rd image: pinterest.

“Obsolete Mast”


This mast was erected en-masse all over the country by P&T (Post And Telecommunication) in the ’70s. Along the line, the name changed to NITEL (Nigeria Telecommunication) It was the mast that facilitate telephone communication. So many decades after, the wireless, mobile and better telephoning system emmerged, the GSM. While some of todays leader who were there yesterday were busy telling us that telephone is not for everybody, some people in another part of the world were working on how to make telephone wireless, cheaper and affordable to all irrespective of class and age.

They never rest on their oars and today the coming of internet and technology has changed the level of communication completely. The system has gone beyond phone calling to granting the universe the platform for adding and exchanging value. Created by the great and productive minds. These minds are are problem solvers. Always working to make the world a better place.

This brought up the question why some countries are just good and why others are great?. The answer lies in the visionary commitment of leaders per time. Leadership is about service and when we begin to realise this and hold it dear to our heart most especially in Africa. We’ll begin to see tremendous and positive change in our developmental journey.