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“Hope We Get It Right : This Time”


Nigeria as a nation and we as people! I sincerely  hope that  this time around, we’ll get it Right. A country  blessed with human and material resource.

Human resource is the most critical factor that the system must nurture to productivity. The focus on that factor must be right from elementary stage to self sufficiency in capacity building to meet our needs. It’s then we can say we have come of age.



There are times and seasons. And there is always a right time and season. We as people wherever we found ourselves, must not defaces and devalues our existence and common good.

Now is the right time to put stop to self centeredness so that we do not limit our potentials and possibilities. All the financial excavation where people just use their position to embezzle public fund has not done any good to both the embezzlers and the people.

There is price to pay always, for our actions and inactions. Lets salvage this economy and take it out of subsistence level to industrialization. We can not afford not to. All the drain pipes must be blocked.

Let’s just see our numerous economic failings as unavoidable passages that will lead us to success and prosperity for the nation.

“Three Months To The Election”


We are almost there even if what is seen of our nation today is not quite promising. Sentiments apart, we have come to a point to decide and determine where we are going as a nation.

Today, everything looked uncertain about the path that things will take politically and economilly . The only thing that matter is power to them but the only thing that matter to us the populace is for the country to get its bearing.


Many people I have interviewed feel like the time, February 2015 fast forwarded for it to be put behind. Talking about corruption and desperation, it’s quite obvious. But the fact of the matter is, everyone should be ready to work hard for the expected change.

In life nothing comes easy, if it does. It would not stand the test of time. We must brace up and be determine to create a new national experience and pathway to genuine development.

We have been lied to for too long. Politician squander our money, make life too unbearable fo so many. Yet at such time as this when election is knocking, they bring, come in pretence with small, small things like food and wrapper in exchange for vote.

They have been doing it over the years. Should we allow that to continue. The one you took over the past years did not lead anybody anywhere.

We have come to the time when you can use that voter’s card to turn around your life and that of your incoming generation.

Many times people ask me. Who are the people to bring the change? My answer is Nigerians should begin to look at track record of perfomance to know who that will bring the change. Afterall we would not import leaders from somewhere else.

Let power change hands, most especiallly at the center. There shouldn’t be any centiments about that. The good of the nation is the good of all irrespective of where you come from. Unless you don’t want a successful country. Then maintain the status quo.

It take one man to path a new course for a common good. With truth and genuine commitment for positive and desirable turnarount that would be for all not for few.
We couldn’t say the country lack such man out of almost 200 million people. Nigerian should not be satisfied with a political party ruling for time longer that necesary afterall there are two sides to a coin. Cast your vote and make it count. You will need to wait for another four years to have another opportunity.

“Fisher’s Priority”


“If your time is short and results are important, don’t spend time searching for fish. Spend your time finding the right guide. Then let them take you to the fish. This is
always your sure bet” Robert G. Allen. From his book, Multiple Stream Of Internet Income.

This is applicable to real life situation. Instead of looking for money immediately you come online, look o for a proven strategy.

Have a positive attitude, determination, commitment and desire with choice to be successful.

With these, your place online is guarranteed.ย 

“Success Foundation”


It comes in blocks and layers
Both physical and spiritual.
There is a build up of preparation,
Never mind the time
It better be late than never!
Small by small, little by little
Is what Rome built of.

Going so far, need
Adequate and well structured
Groundwork. Because every detail
Matters, for today and tomorrow.

Little thing may be flimsy,
But great thing must be grounded……..
Be articulate when you are
Preparing for great thing.
It takes time and does’t
Come either cheap or easy.
You must donate sweat,
Blood line and every fibre
Of your strength.

Infact you will look stupid
And many times you are choked up.
The harder it takes,
The sweeter the end result.
Brace up real hard,
For the battle is at hand.
You can’t afford to let go, but
Can afford to give it your very best.