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“No Structure:No Substance”


IoIn our national life, many people just want to make it. Make money witiohout being ready for the work, commitment, patient ,perseverance etc, that it takes to get wealth. They want it in a jiffy. Overnight or now now wealth,

Some are not even interested in any legitimate means. They can go diabolic just to get wealth.

Politics is readily another means of making easy money. There was a popular terminology….”let’s share the cake”.

All what you need to do is “do or die” to get appointed or elected. And pronto! You’re swimming in money.

All these are changing with the new political reality on the ground. No more free money flowing anywhere.

We would now begin to see, building of long lasting structures for sustainable development.

“Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned”


The relics of colonialization. Marina, Calabar.

There could not have been a better time than now to showcase these abandoned relics when the nation is celebrating 100 years of amalgamation. This Marina sea port and the structure are above 100 years old which would have been preserve adequately to serve as a tourist site, moreover it’s close to the Palace of the Paramount Ruler of the city. The Obong of Calabar.


The people of the riverine area are Efik who became the middle men between colonial master and those from hinterland. Their interaction with Oyinbo (white men) make them to copy and emulate white man lifestyle.


Till today, there is still the left over of neo-colonialism all over as being portrayed by these abandoned structures.