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“There Is Price To Pay”

This was first posted Nov, ’14. About change we go through from time to time as an individual and as a nation. Particularly the one we’ve gone though politically. What we’re going through now is the price we have to pay. Though hard hitting, but its temporal. At the end of it, we see a brighter side of Nigeria.


“Last Minute Syndrome”


Last year christmas carnival had come and gone but the preparation was not up to date. Several years back, everything would had been in place by 30th of November.

The Christmas Village where tourist and resident enjoy themselves, street mark paints and decoration and extra lightning were delayed till few days to the carnival proper. Though last year mark the 10th year of Calabar Carnival and that was the reason why the theme was tagged ‘Celebration’


There was so much laxcity which really dampen the tempo.

This might be a result of the present state leadership on the way out and resulted to less vibrancy.

Hopefully by end of this year and by the incoming leadership, carnival full glamour will be restored