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Weekly, Photo Challenge : Spare/ Source”


Spare source of power generation.

Soundproof generators littered most of the highways in Uyo numbering several thousands to power the highway light. Though, there are smaller percentage that are solar powered. The large volume of these generators are actually liabilities because of fuel supply and their maintenance.

One continue  to wonder at the wisdom of having heavy duty generators instead of solar power with little or no constant maintenance cost. It reflect deep corruption practices. 

“Mushrooms On Dry Economy”


These are what the yesterday power holders were. And now in opposition, want to turn  themselves to stumbling blocks to New political dispensation. Their boastfulness and arrogance had not left them.

They have not realised that there is a new political order and reality that power belongs to the people.

“Power Is Transient”


President Mohammadu Buhari with his team during state visit to USA.

In democracy, political power ascendency is through ballot system. And bearing in mind that power can change hand from time to time,must prepare any stakeholder to know that at the end of every tenure. Questions must be asked and account of stewardship rendered.

There had been lack of merit and sincerity at the way politician had been going about it. The act of godfatherism created load of improper act among the stakeholders.

That’s why the desperation to put a stooge in place through manipulation of electoral processes making it to be do or die affairs. This encourage lots of cover up and makes the whole thing muddy. No wonder they always make refrence of “muddy water of politics” why do we not have “clean water of politic?” The answer is simply CORRUPTION.

Can or must it continue forever? NO. Because the end to it has come. So many things that had been kept under shade over time must come to open. “Everyday for the thieves ” but the owner’s day has come.
Those who comes under hammer and is not guilty of anything will come out of it stronger.

The general gain at the end of the day is that people will be careful and curious about who they put to manage the affairs of the state on their behalf and those that found themselves in the mantle of leadership will restrain from all form of recklessness because they must know for sure that the judgement day is near.

“Rumble In The Jungle”

Jungle! That is what Nigeria was made to become when everything became nosedived. All……..morality, economy, nationalism, integrity etc

The issue became…. who dare to ask question?. It was the era of the untouchables.
But the reality of life is, there is a beginning and there is an ending to all things. Even life!

Power is transient. Those that misuse it must surely face the repercussion.

“Weekly Writing Challenge:Power of Names”


“Uneasy lies the head that wear the crown”. Despite that, the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria Mr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has goodluck shaping his destiny all the way. It a test to the fact that truly ,the name we bear has power of influence over our destiny.

From lecture room to vice chairman of a local government. If you have Goodluck Jonathan behind you, there is always antecedent of something drastic happening for your displacement for him to have the number one seat. One hell of a luck. He became the Chairman of the said Local government council.

From there, he was picked as deputy governor of riverine Bayelsa State, in the south south part of Nigeria. Before you could say Jack Robinson, the governor Mr Alamesiye was arrested for money laundering in United Kingdom and pronto. The State House of Assembly impreached the governor and Mr Goodluck Jonathan emerged the Governor. He was the governor less than a year before he clinched Vice Pressident ticket with the then sickly presidential candidate in person of late Alhaji Umoru Musa Yaradua.

About two years into that tenure, the President died for Mr Goodluck to become the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria in acting capacity after so much political horsetrading. After that shared tenure, he landslidely won a fresh four years tenure and already planning for another term come 2015! Would you say he’s pushing his luck too far? Well, time will tell.

Quote of his wife “Na sidon we sidon, dey ask us to be vice chairman, na sidon we sidon, they make us deputy governor.  Na sidon we sidon, they say take Vice President”. Na sidon they sidon, they( those who dey chop with them) dey beg them to do another tenure. A classical case of stroke of luck.