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“Gyame:God First”


Gyame, embroideried below the chest of this summer wear from keem prestige collection. Modeled by my good friend Mr. Franklin Folayan.

Some fifteen years back, I was constantly on the road across West african states. From Lagos to Accra, Ghana to Oaugadougou to Niamey in Niger back to Nigeria.

As an artist and fashion designer, images and numerous symbols and their meaning around West Africa fascinate me.

Most especially, in Ghana. Their number one symbol is GYAME which simply means ‘God first’. It means placing God before any other thing. The symbol appeal to me awesomely.

It’s popularly used among artisan and craftmen and i happen to be one of them, though I am a Nigerian

“Patience Is Golden,


The path to success
Is the pathway of HOPE,
It’s the pathway of FAITH.

When the result may not
Be easily forthcoming,
You will need these two.
Success is followed with
Mind and corresponding
Action in motion.

It doesn’t need to be speedy.
But the motion must be
Steady and consistent
Afterall Rome wasn’t
Built in a day.

A major acquaintance
Is failure. Unavoidable!
Every encouter
Bring out a better you.
A better you worth more
Than the former you.

Give and take,
The learning curve
May take more than
Anticipated. But continious
Learning you must
For the emergence
Of a worthy leader.

A good thing that will
Stand the test of time
Need patience.
Because patience
Perfect and mould.

The end product
Is certified

Go for it

“Look Within Before You Look Around”

#  If you feel you can achieve something, you are half way through.


Image source: Academy of Evolutionaries.

#  Don’t allow anyone to discourage you: kindle the fire in you. Surround yourself with people who see what you are seeing.

#  No quick break or fix. But be determined to pull it through, immaterial of whatever it takes. The tedious walk and several failings, the fear, the doubt, the anxiety,the anticipation!

#  The Trophy will be so beautiful and attractive. But you are on your own on the way to it.

#  Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the cloud. Belief and an attitude to never die vision will win at the end of the day. Controlled focus and continued determination will help achieve outstanding result.

#  Don’t allow past mistakes hold you back from believing you could succeed.

# You must play your hats off in your business endeavour.

#  Life battle doesn’t only goes to the stronger or faster being. But sooner or later, the man who wins is the one who thinks he can.

#  Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.

“Let Your Way Be Rough”


So that the best of you would emerge……! I keep passing through the lane of failure, it has not made me to succumb to that reality. Sometimes i wonder what else is there to be done and yet there are much more.

Living through the midst of doubt,  imperfection and ridicle is not an end to itself, and can never be an end point for me or you. But there is one good thing it does and does well. It made me not to be settled in predicament and in being so, my contenance is alert to the smell of rose and my eyes glued to the possililities that are hidden there in. There are many times I  realise how stupid i feel but I try not to act it.

In whatever we passes through in life, there are great lesson to be learnt. Life may not be fair to us sometimes, but we should try to be fair and love ourselves so that all would not be lost at the end of the day. Whichever ways it goes. Certainly, there will be a bit of strenght left in weakness. That seed of hope is worth digging deep for, for an eventful end game.

I will stand the rigour and the test, and don’t be surprised that the buds full of colours will  emanate to full glare of sweet realities. Life could be long or short! Who knows? But you have the obligation to make it worthwhile. The ocean may be stormy, the terrain bumpy. Your inner stability is a potent force. ‘When the road is not clear: look straight ahead’

Maya, we are just amplifying your left over. Rest well, ‘beautiful lady’.

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“The Side You See:What You want To See”


“You are only free when you belong no place-You belong every place-no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.” Maya Angelou.

How many more can be said about our nature of imperfection where we strive all the while and yet it seems as if that is never good enough?

Life is like a ball that keep rolling just as the globe is. It’s the side that is exposed to you that you see very clearly and with clarity of mind must be your response to what’s thrown at you.

Typical scenerio where some are in darkness and others in light. But whatever the part we see, it’s temporal continual. Life is a cirlce and must be lived to the fullest. So brace up and be prepared to see all the sides that there is.

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“Wisdom:Success Factor”


This stand for peace and unity.

The Nigeria Coat of Arm is wounded.
The two horses stand for strength.
The eagle at the top that stand for wisdom is no where to be found.

“Alagbara ma meroo, ni baba ole”. The Yoruba adage means strength without wisdom is nothing.

The land is troubled and the insentivity of the leadership has really exposed how unprepared we are as a people. Leader handpick their successor to cover their dirty track. This always many time bring up leaders that are least prepared. How can a student who does not prepare well pass examination with distinction?