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“Welcome To Blogging U:Writing 201”


Here we are again for another Blogging University course. Whom much is given, much is expected. There would be never a time when learning must stop. The beat of knowledge seeking goes on.

The wordpress.com is such a platform for self development as well of constant upgrading of blogging standard across board. Let me think like a typical Nigerian that am proud to be. Are we getting certificate? That’s on a lighter note.

Happy and exciting participation in the workshop to every one. “Go to find your story”

“What Is It You Value Best”

Moment of doubt could certainly happen to anyone. Do you feel so too? Don’t give in to it.

Deep inside, there is much worry and whenever it come erupting, you should just try to be cool and calm. And when it is too pushy, find somewhere or something to lay your head on and take a nap. It could be very refreshing.

One thing that drive people cracy is to end up in life without a footprint. Do you have that kind of fear? We all feel so, one time or the other, afterall what’s the essence of our being if we cannot make the world a better place than we met it? Achieving that could be worthwhile.

You may ask, why anyone would want to make the difference? And for what sake? For your sake and the rest of the world. We all have feelings and fear. Positivity and possibility make one to be aware of the vast information readily available. More than what any individual need. On the other hand, you must know that your fear is to be confronted and suppressed. The ability to do that comes from the knowledge you have which you act upon.

How long could one stay on subtle line? The thing is, get to extraordinary level in your thinking, perspective and approach to issues of life. Let there be strong drive towards everything we do day to day of our life, both domestic and productive life. And that would be rewarding.

There is no sitting on the edge, dive into it big time. Don’t wait for it, grab it but bear in mind that you must think legit all the time. If you think you’ve slept for so long! Isn’t it high time to be awake and set yourself running. You already has what it takes to hit the road. It’s only you that can stop youself. 

What is it you want in life? It’s only you that can answer that. Wheather it is, big or small, take action step towards it. Are you anxious or dejected that is is rough? Well, the truth is, that’s the moment to step up by taking the bull by the horn. Stepping up is by self effort. I think that is what you should do.

There may be time you may feel you haven’t gone far. It’s normal but don’t and never be discouraged from moving on. Allow your passion and your value to be the driving force. Give it all it takes to giving your life to what you value best. Let your passion be your banner.

“A Step At A Time”


To say it’s already a year is unbelievable. How time flies! I had about five months of learning but it was late December ’13 that I really set the ball rolling and there was no looking back since then.

Though I had been meticulous in my approach to wordpress platform, I am delighted the way it’s turning out.

Many thanks to the host platform and numerous friends and bloggers who had encouraged this blog.