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“Patience:You need load of it”


A cup of coffee can be taken steaming hot! But not a hot plate of fish pepper soup or #isiewu. A full goat head pot. You need patience. “Pele pele”. Gradual or bit by bit. In reality, That’s how to build a greaat thing that will last long.

Image source: spryliving.com via pinterest\wordpress.

“How to start your blogosphere journey”


………for self expression.

There are levels and stages you must keep ascending to in your internet journey. As a newbie, when you start to come to meet some terminology. It could or may not make any meaning or make sense to you. That is why you need to persevere to get over those little little initial challenges.

Your blog may suffer redundancy for months simply because you may not just know what to do with it. You must seek help in the ‘support’ of wordpress.com. subscribe to prompts daily, weekly, photo and other challenges. Wodpress.com news and newsletter. You will get to know what themes, widget, headies and all the pluggins means. These would make it easier for you .

It will improve your blog life when you consistently post good content by following instructions how to be a better blogger and create your flow. All what is required is for you to be consistent everyday, week or month according to your laid down plan. Have a blogging calender.

You need to have a set goal before you, to persevere and to empower people in need of clarity and direction to perfect their act. Your blog life must be about building youself and people when your blog begin to attract like and follower. Strive always to learn ahead by consuming more digital and paperback content. You also need to allow technology become permanent fixture in your life, and you’ll gradually be established.

“The Emerging Imagineers ( The Fishers)”


They are savvy, detailed and inspiring. They are the changers. Very knowledgable- Their tool is Media.

They are the internet marketers. Smart content creators using all the social media tools available to influence you.


‘The fisher’

They are called the influencer. When they talk, people listen and respond. Their daily dose of creativity keep people waiting, expecting what next.

They are changing the world, pathfinding and creating fresh opportunity that other people may not know exists. They are a force to be reckon with. They learn, they give and learn more. Always ahead of people they lead.

The array of content dissemination platforms are increasing by day as well the emergence of the key players. The newbreed are called newbies going through digital transformation that will eventually make them Guru. There is  much secrecy on the part of old guru wanting to keep secret the road to success online.

The rivalry of the new and old guru is fierce and it seems like kettle calling pot black. Encountering old guru will send you to the cart first hand whereas the new guru, give lots free but will eventually send you to the cart. And why not? Afterall who first gives is expected to get back. That’s what online business is all about. Are you following me? There are more to come.

“Avoid Ponzi Coat Of Many Color”


When you subscribe to e mail, you will get ‘orisirisi’ meaning plenty stuff [ some nonsense ]. As Abami Eda Fela Anikulapo Kuti sing ” different, different fever na i’m dey. Malaria fever, influential fever, yellow fever nko?ย  e dey, original and artificial e dey. Meaning the good, the bad and the ugly is available.

It is a must to surf the web to understand and learn the rudiment, you will encounter “different, different” and if you don’t apply wisdom “na you sabi” meaning you are on your own. Fela continue to sing “Artificial catch you! You be man or woman, na you go catch am yourself and na your money go do am for you”. ” You go yellow pass yellow, you must get double color, battered, beaten and dejected

Greed for easy money without adequate investment will lead you to nowhere. Anybody can sell dummy, it tales the greed of the recipient to take it. How would someone somewhere I never transacted business with tells me ” I owe you money” from where to where?. When I was young, i used to hear this rock n roll song ” when I was a little boy. Mama used to tell any man can be a fool, what will be will be”. Never be anybody’s fool.

Get knowledge. That’s my candid advice to anyone willing to go online for business. Let it be the foundation of everything you aspire to do on the net. Never be in a hurry to make money. Time to seek knowledge must be the initial investment. TIME is that currency. When you get to the point of investing money, you will know. You will not go far if you are covetous. Your journey up there will be very challenging but scalable with modesty. Mind you! “Original and Artificial e dey”

“Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure”


I cherish wood carving. Bought two of this about 25 years back. Carved on it is picture of typical village scenery and lifestyle. Women in the market place carrying palm woven stread basket on their head . Farmer with hoe and cutlass either going or coming from the farm. Royal king on the throne. Depicting traditional lifestyle.

It serves basically as a stool for sitting,  eating purpose or to put a decorative vase on it. Periodically polished to give it gloss effect.