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To be on line believing
That it is not yet over
Despite several disapointments
That has no end.

But come to think of it!
What in man’s heart
Outside settling down to
The promise that would
Neither late nor fail.

If one could be settled
In the spirit, all else
Could be achievable
In due season.

“The Time Of Flight”


There is somenting in crystal clarity
It’s arrays of sweet sparkles of colors.
How sweet the aroma of hand holding
Deep eyes searching
Digging for the deposit of lavenda
And the jasmine that encompas beauty of
Dwelling in strawberry field.


The faces glows out of the abundance
Of peace within
The blood line tickles with joy of hope
Trust in the assurance from the above.
Little is the beauty on the outside
The inner one is the pivot.
The deposit of which is deep
The substance is profound.

The voice so tenderly
The smile so soothing and penetrating
Revealing happy and settled frame of mind
Rancour free
Dwelling in inspirational beauty.

When a star cross your path
It leaves mark
Remarkable and adorable!
Every time its light sparkles,
It reflect rainbow full of


Peace and harmony
Joy and hope
The feeling is heavenly.

It takes two to tango
Where is the beauty of the flower
Without a bud?
There is no pollination
Without the searcher.
Why the desire to love?
Is it to fill a vacum or to be fulfilled?
Or to bath in the blissfulness
And the wing of transformational flight.

Images source-1. My drawing (dated 2006)
                       2. Mode, Vie et l’Amour.
                          (Fashion,life and love)
                       3. Pinterest quotes.

To you lovers of poetry, hope you’ll something meaningful here.