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“The wound, The Scar & The Face”

Yoruba Adage say ‘Oju ogbe k’ojojuย  ara’.

A deep wound takes time to heal
Even after healing,
The scar is glaring.
But as much as that is,
The focus should be less on it.
So as not to lead
To the wound of the mind.

A wounded mind is a devil’s abode
A tit for tat.
You do me, I do you!
Does two wrong ever make right?

Except for the lucky ones
That redress,
So many destiny has been nailed.
That’s where lies the mystery!

Many times we do
What we do, is because
We can’t see far and the fear rules.
Fear can only rule where faith lacks.

Wherever fear is. Ah!! Devil.
But Faith, is nearness to
Faithful God. Who never lies, late or fail.

Where do you stand?
Am on the Lord’s side.

“Strawberry Of Love”


Love is in the air! Like water in the ocean. Are you on top of it floating, engulfing you with only your seen or struggling not to get drown in it? It’s always an experience to savour for a very long time. Where the good and the bad sides of it roll on together.

LOVE is good and its good to be in love and be LOVED. LIFE. Would be very frustrating without it. Life without love is meaningless.

There is no life without love.
Love sustain life
Love shows understanding
Love forgive
Love forget unpleasantries
It revolving
Like the planet
We live in
Love is sweet
Love heals
Learn to live it
Don’t take it for granted.

Show love
Express it
Play love,
Don’t do without it.

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“Realism On The Surface”


My inadequacy stand firm and tall
As the eye of the needle,
So is my predetermination large
As Zuma Rock.

Though I thread the surface softly!
Doubt banished to oblivion.
Striding with triumphant trumpet
Though not loud to insensitivity

But melodious in
The rhythm of certainty
Radiating in the
Beauty of realism.

That, no matter what
It look like!
There will be justification
Of the outcome,
By the measure
Of intent and input.