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“Those Of Us Who Believe:Stand By Him”


President M. Buhari is so many things to so many people. Many have regretted voting for him, many pessimists are saying that “haven’t they said he would fail!

But come to think of it, has he failed? No and far from it. For once, Nigeria has gottenย  a straight leader. A committed man leading us to a new Nigeria out of decay.

It may not look rosy at the moment, after all life is not full of roses. It has its ups and down. Depression is just for a while, we’ll soon enter a new dawn full of joy.

The time of sacrifice is now, those who cannot withstand the heat of the furnace are permitted to travel into yesterday where they used to have everything at the beck of their call.

“Trailer, Trailer Everywhere”


Within inter city and inter state of Nigeria’s major cities and towns, in all the highways and major roads, trailers are everywhere. The weight of their content/load over time damage most of the roads and highways. These freight are suited for rail system.b


Political leaders for long steal our money. Owned about 70% of these trucks and still uses to destroy our so called infrastructures. They owned petrol filling stations and at the same time are importers of petroleum products after grounding all the four refineries without building new ones. They have stooges that front for them. This makes lots of youth becoming lazy, always looking for easy money. There’s a common saying “if you can’t win them, join them” The battle against corruption was like lost until the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari. Who is sanitizing the system.