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“Hope We Get It Right : This Time”


Nigeria as a nation and we as people! I sincerely  hope that  this time around, we’ll get it Right. A country  blessed with human and material resource.

Human resource is the most critical factor that the system must nurture to productivity. The focus on that factor must be right from elementary stage to self sufficiency in capacity building to meet our needs. It’s then we can say we have come of age.

“Are We Difficult As People:Yes”


What could be more difficult than knowing the right thing but refuses to do it?

What can we make of leadership that does not believe in collective advancements of the people?

What would it benefits a nation who refuses to give proper guidance to its youth in their formative year?

Is Nigeria deserve the kind of leadership it has been having in the past?

FELA sang of Authority Stealing, Vagabonds in Power, Sorrow, Tears and Blood# Their Regular Trade Mark!

The can of worms continued to be opened, and we continue with our mouth opened unbelievably at how deep we’ve sank.

Our so called leaders past and partly present had made us a very difficult people.

The solution is truthful, transparent, purposeful leadership that thinks of people first. In particular take care of our youth in their formative years and grant adequate care to our elders who had served with their sweat.

Plus making provision for turning our able ones from employment seekers to industrialists and wealth makers. Then we’ll know we’ve gotten committed leadership. President Muhammadu Buhari. OVER TO YOU!

“It Takes A Man:Against All Odds”


To change situation of a nation from worst to better!
It takes a man.
It takes a strong woman behind that man.
It takes committed men around the man.
It takes the people’s commitment behind the man.
It takes patient and time for a positiveio change.
Above all,
It take the grace of GOD.
It takes hard work and PRAYER

“Human Nature”


If you give a human a foot, he/she would ask for a yard. That’s our typical nature. Wherever you’ve been or at any level of your achievement. After a while, it’ll look like child play.

In a country like ours where anything goes and greedy politicians, those that has ruled for two terms will do anything to get third term. The sitting president wanted another term after six years of unimpactful tenure.

His shot at the presidency is just by divine grace and being the first ever to attain such from minority regiion of the country, thought it’s right for him to be re-elected for another term of four years. But people said capital NO.

The funniest thing is the general desire of South Southerner  that they must have two terms for their region since that’s their first time ever being at the helm of affair and who knows when such opportinuty will come to them again? Some even said ” Even if he does not know what to do. He must be there for another four years even if he’s sleeping”

But Nigerian have decided for change. An indication that the country is coming of age democractically.

“Let You Online Presence Be For Good”


Image: pinterest quotes.

“I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them to feel”.  Maya Angelou

Why would some people go all the way to create sadness for other?

When you point a finger, the rest fingers point back to you!

Whatever is sown will be reaped

“Success Inclination”

How do you relate with success?
Do you cherish it
Or despise it?
Do you like it or you don’t?
When you see successful people, do you
Envy them or you get motivated?

Numerous questions and many more to
Keep asking yourself.
Because, in asking these questions,
You will find answers that will teleguide
Your stride in life.
I believe that success is good and
We all aspire to be successful
In our different endeavour.
So that others will emulate to be likewise.
Success is an attraction, so sweet
Like sugar that everything flows towards.