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“Winning Your Battle:A Must”


Subject of success life changer.

Whatever that is lost in life is immaterial as far as life itself is not lost. I don’t mean being dead phisically. Life can be lost even when one is still alive. But we you are alive, be so in every sense of it.

Where does one place his or her priority? I for one, will always believe in the saying that “man no die, man no rotten”, must we allow ourselves to be defeated? Never. Life is a battle to be fought, and you must gun for the victory. We’ll always fight the good fight of faith.


Live life with passion, drive, focus, commitment to seeking avenue for self development and personal growth. Rigorous training and to coat your life with ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. Whatever it takes to get what you desire. ‘No retreat no surrender’. I feel so strong with this mind set.

Would it be smooth? No.

Would it be an easy ride? No.

Would there be obstacles? Yes.

Is it worth it? Yes.

Should you go for it? Yes.

Is it scalable? Sure.

Are you competent to handle it? Yes, very well.

Are you ready? Well it is only you that can determine that. It’s your decision, I have made mine.

There is a story I read from a blog about a species of asian palm tree that grow withing six months to more tha 10 feet high from the moment it sprout. Prior to that, the seeds stayed in the soil for about 19 years developing roots in diversification, that must be first of all well rooted before the speedy surface transformation.


All the years of tiding up, nobody see. When the seed survive those trying years. Then the miraculous transformation is seen by all eyes. Palm tree by resemblance to human life is productive in multi-dimensional ways. The preparatory effort is obscure but the golden time gilters and sparkles sending rays to eyesights.

So sweet, so melodious.
I believe that despite the diversity of purposes, a cogent focus of why we all blog is for that sweet melodious sound that penetrates the fibres and the layers of hard rock flesh to the subtle, fragile and tenderly soul for comfort.

Image: Drop $hipping Domination/ Unit Of Prosperity-Jacob Armstrong.