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“Time For National Orientation:The way Forward”


Orientation is self appraisal that should not be limited to graduates just coming out of school. It has to cover all facet of our life. Most especially, among our teeming youth who hasn’t been to higher institutions. And adult alike .

Ours is a nation that embraces all wrong notion and attitude that could not lead us to self reliance and sustainable growth. The craze for money and power has no bound. The level of self centeredness dusted value creation and communual benefits.


We should be very careful not to allow decadence of today to affect our tomorrow. So, we must learn now how to do things right and shelve off our old unproductive ways. Nigeria lack everything from what to eat to what to use. The so called natural resources, its abuse and corruption brought damaging negligence. Now is the time to redirect our way back to meeting our needs by ourselves. Taking the nation out of consumers of everything FAIRLY USED to a productive nation with infantry of trained human resources SKILLED to meet our needs.


Let the nation go back to drawing board. Let’s start to THINK NIGERIA. Drastic challenge need a drastic solution. Let us embrace productivity and sustain every productive effort however small it is to be nurtured to growth. Call on those who have deep knowledge of production of physical items for START UP. Let that be a production points and a ground for skill acquisition. That should be the vehicle to industrialisation.


In National Youth Service Scheme (NYSC), there is Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneuship Development (SAED) through which coppers are exposed to skill acquisition on certain vocations such as tailoring/dress making, textile designing, bead/jewelry making etc. In very light format.


Many of the corpers from my close observation do take the training lightly due to the fact that many of them have employee mindset.

What difference would just 21 days of orientation make against the background of 4-5 years spent in higher institution?, Couple with the fact that many went through school without school being through them, in most cases. Such ones are always eager go through the camp and put it behind to face labour market.

Where would the job be? When those that supposed to create it are out there looking for what is not available.

*Let there be skill acquisition programms running parallel to academics in schools.
*prepared the youth for industrial training, involvment and collaborations.
*encourage coming together of like mind for partnership and joint ventures.
*availability of light grant for take off.
*incorporating seasoned professioners to train youth. People loaded with experience who have put in years into their vocations. Certificate or no certificate. They are the lifewire to sustainable industrial turn around. Meet their need to get the best out of them.
*Provide infrastructure and imputs (raw materials)
* Test their capability and capacity.
* Set target and standards of productions.
* Mop up the finished goods. Just like what happen to cocoa produce years back.
*Create marketing outfits to take these Made In Nigeria Procducts around trade shows, exhibitions and trade fairs.
* This in a way would be genuine Public/Private Partnership that would be result oriented and that will touch life across the board.
We all desire Change and had brought a new government in place. Their intention seem real but what about implementation? Many people could hardly be separated from their old ways. They must be shown that COMMON SUCCESS of the Nation is far far better than individual success we use to see.


“Where Are We Going?”


At this period of our political life, so many things seems to be wrong. It seems theย  ruling party is yet to prepare for election.

What can we say of many people who have decided not to vote by their choice. They believe their vote could never count.
Many people I talked to are not just interested in the election. But if they are not, and probably does not partake. Would they have any reason to complain?

This would be a problem among many that need to be addressed through sensitization and orientation.

Nigerians must be educated on importance of voting during every election. A stitch in time saves nine.