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“Stomach Infrastructure :Governor”


Throwing protocol caution to the wind. Serving Governor of Ekiti State, Nigeria. Ayodele Fayose seem a busy body and sometimes goes about like someone with little mind.

Even if he goes out to public resturant, must he serve himself? Very rascal. Unbecoming of a state  governor. Little mind with power.

“The Sides Of The Coin:Nigeria Economy”


We have experienced over a long period of time of what can be called  Leadership Deficiency for close to 30 years. So called intelligent people but dubious, they promised so much but their  result was bankruptcy. Leaders with no leadway to make Nigeria a exportation market place.  All they  are good at is running the country  to the ground.

Some called themselves  technocrats with heavy credentials. Their so called contributions had not resulted in any significant economic impact, yet they still critizise this new government for lack orthodox methods. The method they used without any results in their time when they were in power.

Such people are to be seen but not to be heard any longer.

Drastic situation demand drastic solution for sustainable change.

“Grown With Fashionable Grace:Jimi King”


Olujimi King is ‘baba’ of African textile  designing. I knew him about 30years ago. He’s someone I have high respect for when it comes to textile designs.

Jimi King had been there consistently  as a leader who had taken and celebrated authentic African fabrics all over the world.

Apart from Nike Davies (Oshogbo),  Jimi King is another  Pillar from this side of Africa worthy to be celebrated.

Their selling point is Indigo as portrayed in his photo  above. It’s known in Yoruba land as ‘Adire Eleko ‘. That would be a story of another day.


Gorgeous ladies in Jimi King Clothing.


Beautiful and colorful array of his clothing. The legend lives on.

All images source:jimi king fb

“Hope We Get It Right : This Time”


Nigeria as a nation and we as people! I sincerely  hope that  this time around, we’ll get it Right. A country  blessed with human and material resource.

Human resource is the most critical factor that the system must nurture to productivity. The focus on that factor must be right from elementary stage to self sufficiency in capacity building to meet our needs. It’s then we can say we have come of age.

“A Bit Of Relief In Nigeria”


There  had been tension all through economically with every commodity price skyrocketed and life became hard for Lot of people. 

The government said everything hangs on 2016 budget.  The budget first got missing and was represented. Got padded and altered, but at the end of the day, the legislative arm did what was expected of them. The President signed the 2016 budget into law.

Everyone now await the much promised social and economic turnaround with relief.