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“Music Of The Heart”


Poetry is music
The backgroud chorus
Emanates from the heart,

So melodious.

Like the beauty in the eyes
Of the beholder.
It’s the tune that relate
Meaningfully to the heart,
That it touches.

It is like the sound
That comes out of the ground.
Only heard by the man
With an ear to the ground.
Poetry gives life to word! -Keem

Music gives a soul to the universe,
Wings to the Mind,
Flight to the immagination,
Life to everything! -Plato

“Writing 101, Day Three:Commit to a Writing Prectice”

All my life, I am a musical freak and the kind of music I hear are in different genre and my mood determine what I listened to per time. I like wide variety of music. So it will be too limiting for me just mentioning three. To be honest! I wouldn’t know what precisely to pick. Be that as it may, I will settle for twist but still write about music in my life.


No hold barred? Cool with me though it may happen that some stupid mistake will show up. Please bear with me. Am trying to follow the rule to let loose. Let’s get historical, I can’t know precisely when I came up to know what music is, but I just grew up into it . Not because I came from that background but I know my grandfather was a man that sing leisurely. Being quite close to him, I just had to pick the trait.

I took after him in that area till date. In the days of LP Records before cassette tapes , children of my ages gather everywhere there is barber’s shop because that time the barbers also sell records. I remember I only have to listen to new releases once or twice before having up my head and continue to sings the whole LP. This earned me a nickname called “tatalo si gbegiri anan” means add fresh pepper to yesterday beans soup. Let’s respect the rule, 15 minutes up.

Happy blogging challenge.