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“It Takes A Man:Against All Odds”


To change situation of a nation from worst to better!
It takes a man.
It takes a strong woman behind that man.
It takes committed men around the man.
It takes the people’s commitment behind the man.
It takes patient and time for a positiveio change.
Above all,
It take the grace of GOD.
It takes hard work and PRAYER

“Storm Weathering:Have No End”

Since there are
Time and season.
Due time wiil
Take its course.

No matter how
Hard a man walks
Like a man on the line,
The step will be one
At a time.

No matter how hard
A man walk,
If its not yet time!
Its not yet time.

Unless the short cut
Which have a bigger
Price to be paid.

Man have the choice
To make a choice.
But strong belief
System make the choice
To be clear in pursuant
Of destiny goal.

Is anything good
Comes easy? No
But Divine promise
Never late or fail.

Despite the terrain
Laid with uncertainty
In numerous shape and sizes.

One thing that is clear!
Our source is not a failure.
You are not a failure
Until you start to
Seeing yourself so.

Brace up,
It’s never over till
It’s over.

“The Best Man For The Job:GMB”


General Mohammadu Buhari and President Goodluck Jonathan.

The leadership slot President Goodluck Jonathan got on a platter of gold in 2011 took General Buhari hard fight of fate to get from him in 2015 after three previous failed attempt. Powered by the Alliance Progressive Congress (APC).


Congratulation to Nigerians for the CHANGE.

Image source: http://www.naij.com

“The Grace: Paramount”


The earth rumbles
Like hot lava
Ready to send forth
Volcanic eruption.

The heart of man
Is full of instability
Running to and fro
Looking for succour.

The peace comes in pieces
Cool today, hot tomorrow
The trial of man
Is limitless.

That is the nature
He has to live with
Till the very end.

But the grace mellows
Engrace settles
Grace accomplish,
Grace is paramount.