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“Weekly Photo Challenge:Mirror/Reflection’


Don’t mind me, I wear only what I make. Please permit me, you’re going to be seeing me a lot in this blog.

Taking the shot, I was actually standing in the front of a full length mirror with a bit of reflection at the top. I hope it’s good enough.

And why I like this particular design is ‘one love’. It does keep us together๐Ÿ˜„

“True Love Has No Pretence”


Yeah lovely duo. They’re both NYSC/SAED trainers, authors, motivators. Very pleasant.


They’re not only friend, they add value to my line by patronage. Rocking keem prestige collections @keempres.


Pastor & Mrs Essien Michael. 

“Weekly Photo Challenge:One Loved Among The People”

See Amazing Cultural Display As Ijesa People Celebrate Iwude Ijesa Festival
READ: https://www.naij.com/678395-see-amazing-cultural-display-ijesa-people-celebrate-iwude-ijesa-festival.html

Ijesha are the people, Ilesha is the city. A prominent tribe in Yoruba land. Now falls into state of Osun in western Nigeria. Occasion showed here signifies communal and unified love among the people of a city. From Royal father (Oba…. King) and every inhabitant of that city. Though I have use this in a post, but I think it relates well with the theme of the week ‘One Love’among the people.

“Love Is Everywhere”


I decide to repost this in agreement with my friend #glorybegins that love is all around us irrespective of any situation we found ourselves. First of all God’s love is readily available and lots and lots of imageries in plant and woods reveal this fact. These are not man made. Dear Allison Marie. Kudos.