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“Weekly Photo Challenge:Half Light 2”


Very early hour of the day when it has not fully broken. Such a period when there was longer night than day. Vehicles with their head light on at Nwaniba four lane.

Easter greetings to all.

“Weekly Photo Challenge:Half Light”


Half light on a cool evening at Uruan Local Government area of Akwa Ibom State. This is the highway leading to the biggest  hotel in the whole of the state. Ibom Le Meridian. A 5 Star Hotel with Golf Course.



The soil of being

If not properly guided,

Because of its vunerability,

Can begin to germinate

The can of worms.

Multitude of which

Become ground breaking.

And derail of soul

To zero and nothingness..

But DESPITE of what flies with the wind,

The deep must know

That, what it settles with

Must be in earnest that

The darkness beckon the light.