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“The Sides Of The Coin:Nigeria Economy”


We have experienced over a long period of time of what can be called  Leadership Deficiency for close to 30 years. So called intelligent people but dubious, they promised so much but their  result was bankruptcy. Leaders with no leadway to make Nigeria a exportation market place.  All they  are good at is running the country  to the ground.

Some called themselves  technocrats with heavy credentials. Their so called contributions had not resulted in any significant economic impact, yet they still critizise this new government for lack orthodox methods. The method they used without any results in their time when they were in power.

Such people are to be seen but not to be heard any longer.

Drastic situation demand drastic solution for sustainable change.

“Are We Difficult As People:Yes”


What could be more difficult than knowing the right thing but refuses to do it?

What can we make of leadership that does not believe in collective advancements of the people?

What would it benefits a nation who refuses to give proper guidance to its youth in their formative year?

Is Nigeria deserve the kind of leadership it has been having in the past?

FELA sang of Authority Stealing, Vagabonds in Power, Sorrow, Tears and Blood# Their Regular Trade Mark!

The can of worms continued to be opened, and we continue with our mouth opened unbelievably at how deep we’ve sank.

Our so called leaders past and partly present had made us a very difficult people.

The solution is truthful, transparent, purposeful leadership that thinks of people first. In particular take care of our youth in their formative years and grant adequate care to our elders who had served with their sweat.

Plus making provision for turning our able ones from employment seekers to industrialists and wealth makers. Then we’ll know we’ve gotten committed leadership. President Muhammadu Buhari. OVER TO YOU!

“The Making Of Leaders”


One of the big attraction to the internet is the making of ordinary people to do extraordinary things, bringing about spontaneous positive CHANGE.

CHANGE of social order, either positive or negative in  a societal setup is determined mostly by the drivers of that system. Whichever of the divide a society is found. There will be crave either to turn a new leave of improve on existing good standard.

A system that enslave has everything to its disadvantage but a system that builds is endowed with fresh possibilities all the time.

Change is synonymous with creativity. A society that is on the wing of change is a creative society. And a creative society is a productive one. Our nation’s body language of change is to create LEADERSHIP BUILDING PLATFORM. To build and to nurture our emergence into productive prominence.

Self development on personal level is one thing. But nation’s self development must be driven by creating enabling enviroment that is open to all irrespective of one’s social standing. Making the attainment and climbing the ladder less stressful for the good of all.

There is nothing wrong in being consumptive but must have capacity to be PRODUCTIVE in any area one exhibit comparative advantage. So that collectively, we will build a virile and productive nation. That will be the beneficial result of the CHANGE that we’ve put in place.

The banking system just gathered money from goverment and sit on it without the money reaching the hand of those who will put it into productive venture. This must change now.

Mushrooming small scale industries is what this nation need more than anything now. Fund must be made available without any unnecessary and uncalled for bottleneck. Banking sectors management that fund importation of the basic need of the people must be treated as enemy of the people, prosecuted and sanctioned. These are fund for SME development.

“No Structure:No Substance”


IoIn our national life, many people just want to make it. Make money witiohout being ready for the work, commitment, patient ,perseverance etc, that it takes to get wealth. They want it in a jiffy. Overnight or now now wealth,

Some are not even interested in any legitimate means. They can go diabolic just to get wealth.

Politics is readily another means of making easy money. There was a popular terminology….”let’s share the cake”.

All what you need to do is “do or die” to get appointed or elected. And pronto! You’re swimming in money.

All these are changing with the new political reality on the ground. No more free money flowing anywhere.

We would now begin to see, building of long lasting structures for sustainable development.

“The Youth Might Go The Same Way”


When I think of Nigerian government and the argument in favour of the youth taking up the mantle of leadership of this nation now. I tend to believe that they have been loaded with wrong set of value and they’re likely to go the way of those leaders who only think of themselves. Who were not able to take this nation anywhere.

This must be a reoriention time for all of us to focus on creating value chain that would create sustainable growth.

We need to get things straighten out to follow new path of purposeful leadership

It’s when the right foundation have been laid, as started by the new goverment. The servant leadership well entrenched. That is when we can say the youth should come on board.