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“Uyo What Are You waiting For? “

Army of youths  in Uyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come and equip yourself with textile design knowledge that will never dissapointed you unless you are lazy. You also become part of Cooperative Society that will work with Bank of Industries to obtain soft, low interest loan earmarked for the informal sectors of the economy by the Federal Government Of Nigeria ‘Change’

I have written on this blog that the wind of change must meet something  In your hand or it will by pass you. Don’t be among youth who cry for lack of petrol, lack of this or that. They need to renew their mindset. Lazy mind will always be looking for free patronage From people in power.  That’s gone for good. Stop looking for stripents. Come and build your future here.

There are  three aspects of Textile Designing. Tie & Dye, Screen Printing and Batik.

This young lady in the picture below is a serving Corper in Akwa Ibom State. Faith Olisaakaeze, AK 15B/3161. With four days NYSC/SAED, Camp training. Did not even  continue post camp training because of primary assignment  location.  Other pictures are her work which I am proud of. She decided to run with small knowledge she obtained at 2015 batch B stream 2 camp.
What about you  who has all the time and wasting it looking for what is not lost.

Whatever you learn well cannot be taken away from you.
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“Way To Wealth:21st Century Style”


The three most credible ways are:-
#Telling your story
#Affliation Marketing
#Network Marketing , Multi Level Marketing.MLM.

Knowing and seeing is believing. It is still a mirage to lot of people who have not discover that such opportunities abound. Then, the issue of believing. The questions that comes up are, is it real or true if such opportunity exist?. The answer is Yes. It’s true and it’s real. You must accept those fact for you to believe it. That is the only way that it can work for you. Otherwise it will not. Because you don’t get the best of what you don’t believe in.


Robert G. Allen refered to internet in his book ” Multiple Streams Of Internet Income” ‘how and where ordinary people make extraordinary income’. Telling your story require having a blog platform on the internet. And to do that, you must be ready for plug and play. That is, learn and take action on the knowledge you’ve acquired. “What you need to learn from the net is on the net”.
Wordpress.com and blogpost.com are readily available for you and it is free. There are numbers of supportive enterprises around those two major platforms such as copyblogger.com, bluehost, wpbeginners(wp stand for wordpress), BoostBlogtraffic, SEJ (Search Engine Jounals) and others. If you follow instrtuctions dilligently from all these above mentioned, your days as successful blogger is just round the corner.

Affliation Marketing….It is selling other people products without laying your hand on it. There are much to learn through training. Selling on ebay, Amazon etc. It’s copy and paste. Right on your blog, you can have affliation link that can provide commission earnings for you.

There is tradional Network Marketing which you could do offline as well. It’s also called Multi level marketing. MLM. Typical examples are Forever Living Products, Trevo and quite number of other globally successful enterprises in that field. Infopreneurship enterprises market digital material for online consumption. Such as Network Marketing, Magnetic Sponsoring, My Lead System Pro Academy. MSLP. All these operate on the three major online platform  mentioned in the beginning of this post. It should be established that success in any is tied to learning. Taking action must be based on the knowledge acquired. You can and will achieve knowledge if you don’t give up.

To become successful online. The number one thing is to build your AUDIENCE before the product. And the only way to that is to create VALUABLE CONTENT. Then you have clear coast to your success.

image souce:- pinterest and wordpress.com