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“25% Of The Internet:Big Feat”


Few years back when I went into this, I did not really know how it would go. But WordPress had been there and is still very is. For fresh bloggers, all what they need is to be ready to learn in-house. With that nothing will stop them from flying. Individual blogger have issues. But me, I have a good story to tell about  WordPress. Thanks to WordPress and all the bloggers that have made this experience worthwhile.

“As It Is Now”

There are days
That there are
Words without
Time. And time
Without words.

So much to be
Said and time
Isn’t there,
Or abundance of
Time but the
Word is scarce.

Now, all should be said
Straight with all
Seriousnes and

Be told that
There are better
Way to get result.
“The change”