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” Media and You: Two Way Traffic (2)”


Whom mush is given, much is expected and welcom. The media had become integral part of upward men and women of today. Not only do we take so much from it but we are expected to give back so others would also benefit. The fact of the matter is, not giving back means you have not gained anything.

Life goes on, time keep running waiting for no one and our situations keep changing. Nobody can afford to ignore social media. The mass volume of data on the net is for consumption by you and me to remold and renew our mind wave. Uploading to our subconscious mind VALUES that are so practicable which if learnt can influence tremendous impact on our life.

The reality of applying these values requires self determination and efforts. It would definately not be easy. Man does fail but principle doesn’t. Applying it judiciously bring positive result that would benefit the recipient and goes beyond his frame to impact others across board.

A true learner will be impactful and it goes with the saying “A learner is a leader and a leader is a learner”. Keep getting it, keep giving it back and the world continue to be a better place.


leadership by Proxy


I discover to my amazement that internet marketing has a specific standard to follow. Especially email marketing. From content to landing page! So much promptness to take action even if you are not ready. A student who goes to sit for examination without adequate preparation will fail woefully.

The question is! What is the expense of “plug and play” when you hardly know enough of what is needed to form the basis of your learning structure?

Why shouldn’t I take my time to learn and steadily grow into it? Learning to be established for sustainability. There is so much hullabaloo about making money online, though true but the most important benefit is the educational value that cannot be quantified.

You can get to the very top but adequate knowledge is required to be established as an authority. I always advice myself, ‘ there is a rule to the game. Learn it and learn it hard’. It is me and only me to build my life to the fullest. I strongly advice any newbie to go everywhere and learn everywhere online. Many things that doesn’t have meaning initially with time will begin to be clear to your understanding. Decision taken at that time is backed with some level of know how. The risk is reduced to bearest minimum.

“Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now”

Today has come with lot of excitement, hope and aspiration of bright , fulfilling tomorrow. As far as we continue to search by faith all things will be settled irrespective of what it look like now.

I am a firm believer in the promise of God that He is already granted. We just need to be strong in faith for us to be able to get to the promise land.

Today is here and by the grace of God, our tomorrow is sure to manifest with colours and speed. Children of God must believe that life and achievement is by grace. And “where there is grace, there is glory and where there is glory, there is manifestation of the sons of God”.

Ours is just to belief. The doer never sleep, never late and never fail. He is the porter’s hand that continue to make greater things better to best. If only we can believe, “All things are possible”.

Whatever it is that we desire, God is bringing it and handling it over to us on a plattter of gold. What can a man do on his own?. Nothing. Man cannot go too far except by the grace he’s granted. Let us all connect to the throne of grace with boldness to manifest as the sons of God which we are. http://wp.me/p23sd-hHr

“Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course”

Money, money, money. Sometimes funny and unavailable when it’s most needed. I have been outsourcing in my fashion business over some months since I got wired to blog life.

I had to do this because learning takes a whole chunk of time. TIME is a big investment when it comes to online activities.

The priority factor. Blogging is now my topmost priority. Outsourcing on other thing is a way of operating a system without my direct involvement. So to say.

Adequate money is needed to oil that system to keep the body and soul together. On marketing of those products, will need to find a way around it by allowing others to do the job.

A big reality that confronted me is, there is no way I can be involved the way I used to be before and expect to get to the level I so much desire in the blog world.

It’s not as if success is so far away but adequate time is required to know all the fundermentals that take you enroute to that dreamland. The philosophy of life achievement is the more you can see it, you can touch it and that’s I intend doing.http://wp.me/prtsd-hCC pingback

“Daily Prompt: Your Days are Numbered”

It means to number ones day. On our relationship with God and man, our love life.lifetime significant achievement within specific time frame. Setting goal and target to getting to a better level of life.

Couple of years back, i attained 26 years. I thought I had come of age so I had to celebrate it big by having a party and a good one. Incidentally it had been the only birthday celebration I have ever had till date. It was a time of big value for Nigerian currency, Naira compared to present day.

No matter how young or old one is, the age is just a number and whatever the level of achievement. One must keep on striving to get better at self actualisation and the grace made available to man per time.

There are time and there are season. Achievement come at due season. It is never too late for anyone to attain a greater height. Be you in 20s,50s or more. You are not a failure until self admittance.

Internet has changed the world digitally, and that is just about number.http://wp.me/p23sd-hCA

“Daily Prompt: Teach Your (Blogger) Well”.


The moulding hand is at work “Learning is profitable” and “Teaching Sell”. According to Mycopyblogger.com teaching series. Bloggers generally will know that “we are all copycats” because nothing is new in the world we live in. For you to become a master, you must first of all learn. The truth of the matter is learning never stop.

A teacher was once a learner and will continue to be as long as he or she want to be relevant and possibly attain leadership position with authority in any sphere of life.

Blogosphere is massive movement of data across the web. This, for transformational purposes.

Discover your niche and begin to create content. It is this that adhere you to people that will eventually buy into products or service you market online.

You need to realise the fact that internet development is ongoing and constantly being upgraded.

Blogger by interacting and supporting one another should learn from each other what is working online. Greater fellowship can be generated from the communal involvement.

Be sensitive, attentive,supportive and eager to learn. Build or join community, tribe and group in creating blog challenges or forum. You will discover that in no time you become master of the game blogwise.

Desire to blog.
Love blogging
Commit your time to learn what it takes to get your bearing perfect.
With that I assure you, it will settle you beyond your wildest imagination. HAVE FUN.

On a final note, upgrade to become blogger if you are yet to be one. Because the web is wide and accomodating. No one I repeat, no one can afford not to be there moreover when the internet world has gone mobile.