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“Growth Sustainability “


Growth sustainability is determined by the structural foundation.

It takes more effort to look up than to look down.

The more up you want to go. The more firm the base. Tidy  it up.  Nothing good comes easy.

Steadfastness lead to growth that is freshly sustained.
Get equipped and get going.

“Uyo What Are You waiting For? “

Army of youths  in Uyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Come and equip yourself with textile design knowledge that will never dissapointed you unless you are lazy. You also become part of Cooperative Society that will work with Bank of Industries to obtain soft, low interest loan earmarked for the informal sectors of the economy by the Federal Government Of Nigeria ‘Change’

I have written on this blog that the wind of change must meet something  In your hand or it will by pass you. Don’t be among youth who cry for lack of petrol, lack of this or that. They need to renew their mindset. Lazy mind will always be looking for free patronage From people in power.  That’s gone for good. Stop looking for stripents. Come and build your future here.

There are  three aspects of Textile Designing. Tie & Dye, Screen Printing and Batik.

This young lady in the picture below is a serving Corper in Akwa Ibom State. Faith Olisaakaeze, AK 15B/3161. With four days NYSC/SAED, Camp training. Did not even  continue post camp training because of primary assignment  location.  Other pictures are her work which I am proud of. She decided to run with small knowledge she obtained at 2015 batch B stream 2 camp.
What about you  who has all the time and wasting it looking for what is not lost.

Whatever you learn well cannot be taken away from you.
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“The wound, The Scar & The Face”

Yoruba Adage say ‘Oju ogbe k’ojojuย  ara’.

A deep wound takes time to heal
Even after healing,
The scar is glaring.
But as much as that is,
The focus should be less on it.
So as not to lead
To the wound of the mind.

A wounded mind is a devil’s abode
A tit for tat.
You do me, I do you!
Does two wrong ever make right?

Except for the lucky ones
That redress,
So many destiny has been nailed.
That’s where lies the mystery!

Many times we do
What we do, is because
We can’t see far and the fear rules.
Fear can only rule where faith lacks.

Wherever fear is. Ah!! Devil.
But Faith, is nearness to
Faithful God. Who never lies, late or fail.

Where do you stand?
Am on the Lord’s side.

“Wherever It Pinches:Keep Your Head”


There is life ahead
For the living.
Don’t stop breathing.
Because if it’s yet to be over,
It’s not over.

All these are test of passage
Though, ruffles the feather
But seasoned the strength
For capacity to withstand
For more are coming.
Be ready to weather
The storm.