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“The Making Of Leaders”


One of the big attraction to the internet is the making of ordinary people to do extraordinary things, bringing about spontaneous positive CHANGE.

CHANGE of social order, either positive or negative in  a societal setup is determined mostly by the drivers of that system. Whichever of the divide a society is found. There will be crave either to turn a new leave of improve on existing good standard.

A system that enslave has everything to its disadvantage but a system that builds is endowed with fresh possibilities all the time.

Change is synonymous with creativity. A society that is on the wing of change is a creative society. And a creative society is a productive one. Our nation’s body language of change is to create LEADERSHIP BUILDING PLATFORM. To build and to nurture our emergence into productive prominence.

Self development on personal level is one thing. But nation’s self development must be driven by creating enabling enviroment that is open to all irrespective of one’s social standing. Making the attainment and climbing the ladder less stressful for the good of all.

There is nothing wrong in being consumptive but must have capacity to be PRODUCTIVE in any area one exhibit comparative advantage. So that collectively, we will build a virile and productive nation. That will be the beneficial result of the CHANGE that we’ve put in place.

The banking system just gathered money from goverment and sit on it without the money reaching the hand of those who will put it into productive venture. This must change now.

Mushrooming small scale industries is what this nation need more than anything now. Fund must be made available without any unnecessary and uncalled for bottleneck. Banking sectors management that fund importation of the basic need of the people must be treated as enemy of the people, prosecuted and sanctioned. These are fund for SME development.

“Industrialisation of Nigeria”


Industrialisation is the foundation to successful economic impact that strenghten democtractic dispensation.ย  It is pertinent in our stride to self actualisation as a nation.

Let us not be deceived or try to deceive ourselves that there is other way out.i The only way out is to follow the path that leads to the promised land, and that is to industrialize.

To be able to feed ourselves, to cloth ourselves, and to put shelter upon our heads.
Around all these mentioned here lies massive industrialisation.

At this point in the life of our nation. We must desist from the usual general attitude of what comes to me but what comes to others first. When we learn to serves others well with sincerity, our personal need will be met.

Today is the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari as the new President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. From all indication, it’s an entrance into a new result oriented and glorius era.ย 

“Seek Out The Masters: For Industrialisation”


I believe we had begin to realise that a nation that has a high productivity base excel well.

In Nigeria, we are blessed greatly with natural resources in solid minerals and oil. That’s not withstanding, our true greatness lies in our productive ability.

Since we depend so much on oil, it’s high time we need to look into productive sector. One of the states that ‘re taking appropriaate step toward that is Akwa Ibom State. The movement of the state from provision of infrastructure is into turning the state into industrial path.


The approach had been sensitization. Letting the people know the importance of our being self sufficient in producing certain items for our consumption and the establishment and sustaining the productivity of such items to readily meet that our need of such products.


Why the need of MASTERS?
They are the ones to train other and show them the way.
A note of warning…….it has nothing to do with CERTIFICATES or qualification. The so called institutions and schools in Nigeria are mostly passage where many people pass through school but school didn’t pass through them. So when such are given responsibility, they hardly get result.

Sort out the masters, make them comfortable to extract the knowledge for onward transformation of the society.

This will really turn thing around for good. The productivity must be constantly all round. Every area, carpentry, welding, fashion, soft furnishing and all other basic areas.

Everytime I look around, I see failure of on the part of our leaders who put so much emphasis on money and aquisition. When they make provision for certain things, it’s never on sustainability. But the good thing is, nigerians are good followers. If they are led to a productive path, the result will be amazing.