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“Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic”


This is the main gate of Ibadan Polytechnic. Oyo State, Nigeria. Established in 1971. With the ups and down in our educational sector, the institution among many others are still bringing out graduates. Our hope and aspiration as a nation on the the thread of ‘change’ is to see our graduands comes out of school with entrepreneurial mindset as against the present situation where almost everyone comes out with certificate in hand looking for job.

Bottom line!


Picture taken in 1996.

A loudspeaker ouside blasting the tradional music of apala. A ritual leisurely evening visit. A daily dose of music of different known artists and the ability to cram those song and constant singing, latest and old number earned me a nickname. “Tatalo”, a nickname of a leading talking drummer in interior part of Ibadan. Capital city of Oyo State, Nigeria. The largest city in West Africa till date.  Ordinarily, if not that I knew the value of education and had to go back to school after several years of being out of school system. Maybe, maybe not. I may have ended up playing local music.

That was then in the teen.

This Barber shop off the major junction was a place of my regular visit most evening for the dose of local music.

There, we all gather and savour the smell of fresh releases of current local music. Good memory but long rested like the dream of yesteryears.