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“Growth Sustainability “


Growth sustainability is determined by the structural foundation.

It takes more effort to look up than to look down.

The more up you want to go. The more firm the base. Tidy  it up.  Nothing good comes easy.

Steadfastness lead to growth that is freshly sustained.
Get equipped and get going.

“Mentality Is It:Buy Nigerian Products”


When you see a nation growing and you see another going down, it’s all about how people of that nation allows their mind to run.

The generality of the people by their lifestyle may be the clog in the wheel of sustainable progress in a nation.

We’ve been in situation where generality of Nigerians emulate, is it rather stupidity or lack of visionary leadership to surround themselves with everything foreign?

How long can we go on with the desire for foreign items filling up our lives?
How long can we look down on what is ours?
How long can we be less patriotic to our nation?

These and more are pertinent questions that we as a nation need to address. From our very top position to the bottom. How do we truly make our nation great? Not just by the virtue of our size, but by begin  to adjust our collective lifestyle to stimulate our economic growth. We may not experience any progressive change if we keep on the way we are.

People who doesn’t easily given in to positive and dynamic change may  eventually be forced to toe the line.

“Growth Is Imminent”


Four months plus of consistency on 2 blogs has yielded :- keem prestige global success network (KPGSN) 100 plus followership, 200 plus likes.
African apparell for export 25 plus followers and 60 plus likes.

I am very thankful and greatful to God and the blooging community that gives me support in nurturing the blogs. The blog started July ‘013, but functionally it had been about 5 months of consistent efforts. And surprisingly, it had yielded achievement that i am very happy about. Happy because all months committed to studying wordpress support is not in vain. It is a wonderful experience.

I am excited though it’s not the best of acheivements, but i never thought it could be this fast in coming. In as much as we keep learning, we’ll keep giving and keep getting result worth of celebration. Running 2 blog simultaneously is also a wonderful experience. Initially it wasn’t clear how it will work out but gradually it’s getting more interesting. There may be much more to know and learn to get it much better. All that, i will continue to do. So that with the love of sharing in blogosphere, i’ll continue to strive to grow in my blogging world.

I appreciate everyone, the beautiful people\bloggers out there and the priviledge of being part of blogosphere. At times i ask myself ‘you are actually a blogger?’ With mountain of challenges facing us here in Nigeria like incessant unavailability of steady electricity as well as rip off from service providers etc. Despite all these, i among others from this part of the world will continue to push it. “Where there is a will, there is a way.

Profound gratitude goes to the wordpress.com and the Automattic team for their commitment individually, collectively and consistently. Thank you all so much.
What else could I say?, I will learn, grow, nurture and be relevant. Hurray!