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“Productive Engagement:Which way Nigeria I”

After many months of delay,
Ministerial nominees chosen
After so much rancour…..

Accusation kites, one too many
Flying within and without
Red chamber.
Green chamber siddon
De look.

The fiery chamber head
Faces the heat.
When the heat become

Their pace become slower.
In pretence of response
To call from market place.

A pretence of who pays
The piper dictating tune.
Soaked in the pool of frustration
Are the nominee on #TheList
In waiting. 

The legi system shut down
In solidarity against afront
From one leg of the tripod.
Villagers dumbfounded
From the antics of the

Support of 84 legis
Na small thing?
Most especiall of those that’ve
Gotten it to flaunt to it.

Have they forgotten a
Game of politics is a
Game of number?

I beg! Tell them,
It’s all politics. The master
Jockers are still @ their game.

Its used to be maradonic,
But now, its pocker prowes.
The number game. Tell it to
EFCC of if you like CCB