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“A Bit Of Relief In Nigeria”


There  had been tension all through economically with every commodity price skyrocketed and life became hard for Lot of people. 

The government said everything hangs on 2016 budget.  The budget first got missing and was represented. Got padded and altered, but at the end of the day, the legislative arm did what was expected of them. The President signed the 2016 budget into law.

Everyone now await the much promised social and economic turnaround with relief.

“The Garbage Men”


That’s what the crops of outgoing politician are. There was a popular adage here in the olden days “when a stranger is about to leave, he pass excreta into a plate”.

For the fact that they are leaving, utility is non functional, refuse are not promptly cleared, fuel scarcity, backlog of civil servant’s salary unpaid, so much debt incurred, and they will still arogantly say they have kept their electoral promises.

Late maetro Fela Anikulapo Kuti says “for the country of the blind, one eyed man is the king”. We need to shine our eyes.

“The Impact Of Social Media: Nigeria Electiion 2015 And Beyond”


Nigeria Election 2015 had come and gone, but the role of social media before, during and after the election can not be played down.

Those that knows its value embrace and run with it. But those that don’t still looked at it as a child play.

Internet and social media will change the way we run things in Nigeria. The media will be used by the new in-coming government to strenghten the system.

“Life Of Service”

Life of service to humanity is very noble. The scale does not matter. In fact it’s good to start small at it and grow it to a big concern.

Wheather it’s for profit or non profit! It oil the wheel of life and keep it going. It’s anti-productive to do otherwise.

In our political situation, the stakeholer have put in to such of what would come to them at the expence of what goes to others as common good.

We have endured their tendencies and I think it’s high time they acknowledge the fact that whom much is given, much is expected.

“In For A Devaluation Ride”


Devaluation of Naira.


$1 to 186 Naira.  It means there is a step downward? Or a step nowhere.

The Federal Executive Council has appproved to import from South Africa 750,000 clean and ‘smart’ stoves for 6 billion naira to be distributed to women. Rural or Urban? A step up on ‘stomach infrastructure!

I leave political issue to the politicians. The whole thing has become comedy.

There are so many powerful peeople in Nigeria with moves not too clear to be understood! (Baba nmogba, tan ba tan e. Koo ma tan ara re). If you’re being deceived, don’t deceive yourself.

Too many conflicting statements. Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of the “rigmaroling”among the ruling class at center . Pardon me, would not dare sound like the Hon. from Edo with ‘oyinbo kabiti kabiti. (Unsual and hard to be understood grammar).

There are so many racketeering between our banks and black market operators. Imagine a bank where you have domicilliary account and other accounts such as saving and current. If you need dollar to buy to fund your domicilliary account, it’ll not be sold to you. You’ll be advice to source your dollar need from parallel black market. That one no be american wonder? Please I need to make some tea, ‘need to cool my temper’

1st image source: pinterest.