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“The Sides Of The Coin:Nigeria Economy”


We have experienced over a long period of time of what can be called  Leadership Deficiency for close to 30 years. So called intelligent people but dubious, they promised so much but their  result was bankruptcy. Leaders with no leadway to make Nigeria a exportation market place.  All they  are good at is running the country  to the ground.

Some called themselves  technocrats with heavy credentials. Their so called contributions had not resulted in any significant economic impact, yet they still critizise this new government for lack orthodox methods. The method they used without any results in their time when they were in power.

Such people are to be seen but not to be heard any longer.

Drastic situation demand drastic solution for sustainable change.

“A Bit Of Relief In Nigeria”


There  had been tension all through economically with every commodity price skyrocketed and life became hard for Lot of people. 

The government said everything hangs on 2016 budget.  The budget first got missing and was represented. Got padded and altered, but at the end of the day, the legislative arm did what was expected of them. The President signed the 2016 budget into law.

Everyone now await the much promised social and economic turnaround with relief.

“Good People On The Road To Greatness:Nigeria”


“Nigeria! Good people……yes!  great nation…………?”

‘baba n’mogba, tan ba n’tan e, koo ma tan ara re’- if you are being deceived, never deceive yourself.

As good as we are, we are too docile as a people. We are too full of if you cannot win them, join them. Why would a leader voted for, earn so much money, deliver so little and yet embezzle so much public fund. Still demand respect for doing so. Where is our value?

With kind of money Nigeria had seen, we should be traveling across the length and breadth in fast trains. In cities, trams and light trains instead of keke Napep. Our cities are flooded with tricycles which we don’t even assembles talk less of manufacturing. The embezzlers will tell you that it did not started  with them. Even in 16 years of suplus, no single refinery was added to the existing four that is inadequate.

What they could only give us were fuel importers.

I had been saying they must be of little mind. Because all what they think is acquisition of wealth without adding value to the people. If a party tagged itself the biggest in Africa and boastfully said they will rule for 60 years back to back;  ‘then we don turn to munmun (dummy).

We said no and voted for change. They have come out arrogantly to say they had a better performance.  Where there’s lack of discipline, would there be progress?. They even boasted of taking power back by 2019. A mirage, mere wishful thinking. So it seems, but a big challenge to the people.

What we need is genuine service to our father land.

Image source. Shile(Dr Shill)

“We Are Ready For Industrialisation”

This moment have long being expected. But it is a good thing, we are in the new era of cake making and productivity. We have capacity as Nigerians tired of cake eating and sharing. There are gifted hands all over this nation. It is time to do the build-up to creativity and productivity.


Travelling bag.


Neck bag.


Travelling bag.


Travelling documents pouch.

All what we need to do is to create enabling enviroment without any iota of corrupt tendencies.
These are sample products made in conjuction with FrankRose Foundation. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria. 

“Vote them in:Vote them out”


Image source: google map.

Americans are great people, and they know where the power belong. ” The power belong to the people”

They allow you to administer it for a period of time, if your perfomance is relative or not, they determine what next to do with you.

When President Bill Clinton was rounding up his two term tenure, America was in good shape. But they still voted out Democtratic and brought in Republican and President George Bush Jr as the President.

‘The Dynamism Of Change’
That’s what I pray to see in Nigeria. Nigerian populace must realise it’s dangerous to stay or rather as it seems over-stay in their comfort zone. That’s, if a particular party boast of rulling for 60 years and the people are not doing anything about it, it means they are docile and not futuristic.

Nigeria has contemporaries. Why do we allow ourselve to be left so far behind? If actually power belong to the people, how are we administering that power that belong to us to protect the future of this country and generations yet unborn? Great leader from time immemorial are futuristic thinker. They think hard and map out strategies to bring to reality the idea and ideal.


Our present situation is not too ideal for a nation so blessed specially by God. Yoruba adage says “you can’t be big like elephant and eat like ant”

Nigerian should look beyond today but into the future. The future challenge is greater, and to fix it must start today. Even if we have to change our law to do that, so be it.

“Stomach infrastructure” against physical infrastructure. Which is ideal?

The new entrants into political lexicon is the former. Where satchets of rise, salt, pepper,oil etc are distributed to electorate to get their vote. They make you poor and give you nothing. What a gready system?

I would prefer a physical infrastructure such as electic train of 300km/hr that can make me to work in Abuja and live Port Harcourt or Lagos. We have the money to do that across Nigeria. Don’t allow these little minds to keep stealing and squardering our money. It won’t take us anywhere.

This Nation has lot of catch up to do with Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and others. The global growth is spontaneous and it’s time relative.

This is deep from the heart. If you also feel the same, please feel free to share in any platform you so desire.