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“Weekly Photo Challenge:spring”


Marina Resort, Calabar. Nigeria.

The world was created with so many resemblance and differences. This part of the world does not share climate with
Europe, Canada, part of America and other cold region of the world but suprisinly OBUDU CATTLE RANCH like a pocket spot that it is on a very high mountain, has temprate climate with a very low degree. Just keep your finger crossed. I will soon be on fact finding travelogue to the ranch in no distant future. Now back to the moment, sub Sahara Africa generally experience raining season and dry season with heavy or slight harmattan.


Looking around now. I begin to see flowers blossoming. And coming out strongly and colorfully. Incidentally SPRING has no limit, as in it’s spread across the globe. For it’s a time for blossoming heralding summer time sunshine across Europe and other zones of the world blessed with four season. Reminding me of Donna Summer hit track of those days FOUR SEASON OF LOVE.