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“The wound, The Scar & The Face”

Yoruba Adage say ‘Oju ogbe k’ojojuย  ara’.

A deep wound takes time to heal
Even after healing,
The scar is glaring.
But as much as that is,
The focus should be less on it.
So as not to lead
To the wound of the mind.

A wounded mind is a devil’s abode
A tit for tat.
You do me, I do you!
Does two wrong ever make right?

Except for the lucky ones
That redress,
So many destiny has been nailed.
That’s where lies the mystery!

Many times we do
What we do, is because
We can’t see far and the fear rules.
Fear can only rule where faith lacks.

Wherever fear is. Ah!! Devil.
But Faith, is nearness to
Faithful God. Who never lies, late or fail.

Where do you stand?
Am on the Lord’s side.

“Spectator Galore”


This is what situation in political terrain had become in Nigeria. Such a noisy rant that make no sense.

One begin to wonder what people who lies so much will have to offer?

Not only that, they live so much in fear. Fear of this, fear of that!

Faith has flown off their camp. No matter the level of christianity, without faith, it’s lack of respect for God.

“There Is Price To Pay”

Whatsoever the choice,
Be prepare to pay
The price.

There is something
In return
For another thing.

If you learn
To take, you must
Learn to give or
Atmost learn to give first.

Any change we embark upon
Will definately take something
Else in return
For a balance.

You do not need
To be afraid of it,
It’s all in the change process.

The change we prepare for
Make one to have
A better understanding,

The one unprepared for
Comes like a thief
In the night to demobilize
And demoralize.
The result can be

Weather we’re prepared
Or not, the price is

And the the process
Is painful. One is
Shortlived and the other
Is perpetual.

But the choice!
You must make.
Which one is your preference
Because time is not
On your side?