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“Writing 101, Day Six:A Character-Building Experience”


When we talk of character building experience, it has to do with leadership development and the best of model of communual excellence worthy of emulation. There is a man that stand out among other men. A man of excellence, an uncommon transformer delievering uncommon transformation. He is Chief Godswill Obodo Akpabio. The governor of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

With less than a decade of administrative commitment. He turned the entire state into mega cities. Every nook and crany of the state was tranformed with solid and state of the art development. He has taken a back State to become a frontline State.


I had never met him one on one but everytime am in any part of this state! Moving on smooth roads and all the infrastructural development around me, I feel so close to this man. I feel like this is a man I’ll trust any day any time. I feel like this a man that has deliever beyound expectation. A man, if requsire my vote, I’ll wholeheartedly give. He’s a man with midal touch. A very large man.

You may wonder why this acolades? It’s simply because, the man deliever on almost all his promises. I am a yoruba man from western part of Nigeria, but I know what good governance is. And I can say that the man has done so well. The kind of development he brought to his people within two terms of four years is amazing because of his drive and his comittment to positive developmental change. All hail one of the best around. Godswill Obodo Akpabio. Governor of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria as he aproachs his exit as the governor.

Image source: wikipedia