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“Learning To Lead @ NYSC- SAED”

Skill Acquisition Entrepreneurship Development (SAED). Is an arm of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Scheme for enpowerment. To equip Corpers with skills so as to prepare them to be self sufficient to become employers of labour.

Here at Akwa Ibom State Camp at Nsit Antai  Local Government headquarter, under the able leadership of State Coordinator Lady Ngozi Chukwuka Nkiruka and SAED head Mrs Julie Obianika.

Corpers were listening with rapt attention to my training on textike designing.





“PayPal Welcome:But”


We gladly commend PayPal lifting embargo on Nigeria partly. A welcome development with a K leg.

If PayPal disallow a country from receiving but only to send money, it’s as good as nothing in a way. Though it would be good for Nigerians who major in importing but not good enough for those who want to make legitimate earnings from online entrepreneurship.

It is very challenging to earnesting the abundance of opportunities that the internet presents.

With such restriction, where do we start? PayPal is known for making the world a better place on legitimate global financial transactions that’s well appreciated.

Those of us on self development journey are not just there for just ourselves only but to impart on greater populace of Africa. That they can turn around their life possitively too doing what is globally accepted, to make a legitimate living.

Internet is a gift of God to humanity for enhancement, and PayPal, a prominent tool should make its working broader to
accommodate the potential of global growth.

Nigerians are dynamic people, though there are pocket of bad eggs here and there. That’s not peculiar to Nigeria alone. It’s already very diffficult for business to grow here because of lack sensitivity of the leaders to provide infrastructures because of corrupt practises.

We welcome PayPal and we send forth appeal for them to look into the issue again in their assessment of what is required of a nation to have their mandate to receive.  

“The Online Success Secret:Proven Strategy”


The path of life is coloured with mixed occurences and uncertainties. This warrant you to be constantly be on your toe. The road you’re presently on may be new to you but it is known to someone else who had passed through it. In essence it mean someone would have already known what you are yet to or about knowing.

Online business is full of intrigue and suprises and require lot of strategies that you would need to study and master. Could that be gotten on platter of gold? I doubt that. For you to be a master of the game, you must go through the rudiment. Acquring the knowledge and learn the secret. And that is the proven strategy.

An Australia writer,Brian Sher’s book. “What Rich Know & Desperately Want To Keep Secret”. You may ask what is actually the secret? You may say the knowledge aaccumulated over the years and being streamlined for you to easily get the same result withing a reasonable space of time. The second question is why desperation of keeping it secret? So, it could be traded in exchange for earinngs. The journey would never be smooth or easy but it is summontable. Such books like thousands of others on the web or on paperback try to bring to light ways to achieve success with though, unavoidable but minimal challenge.

In the jouney to success, you must be prepared for dissapointment, pain, agony, loneliness, rejection, discouagement etc.  And despite these and other challenges, “The credit still belong to the man who is actually in the arena…..who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat” THEODORE ROOSEVELT. 1910.

Another level of secret is on self actualisation. The secret within. Until you discover it, the externally sourced one might be a bit far off. That is the law of attraction. When you have inner harmony and the bulk of your thinking is based on possitivity and all the good things you want for your life. The emission coming out of you goes out to source that which you desire. Whatever you allow to dwell inside you, let it be your heart desire not what you don’t want. Dwelling on what you don’t want will make it attrracted to you. So guide your heart.

There could be much more to success in life’s journey. I’ll appreciate more contribution in your comment. That is welcome.