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“The Impact Of Social Media: Nigeria Electiion 2015 And Beyond”


Nigeria Election 2015 had come and gone, but the role of social media before, during and after the election can not be played down.

Those that knows its value embrace and run with it. But those that don’t still looked at it as a child play.

Internet and social media will change the way we run things in Nigeria. The media will be used by the new in-coming government to strenghten the system.

“The Longest Week”


President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan receiving blessing from some yoruba Obas with their walkin sticks pointing at him.

The nearer we get closer to March 28, 2015 presidential election the far away it seem, simply because of so many factors at play. Despite several assurance from the power that be.

This is an election that has put everyone at unrest. Because of so many abnomalities been perpetrated. From five week that it has been postponed to the last week that start today, there are so much uncertainty.

Nigerian prayer is that there will be no further postponement and INEC, the electoral body will be able to live up to its task of giving us peaceful, free and fair election by the grace of God.

It’s quite alarming, the pre election events that has and is creating fear and intimidation. This is supposed to be a time of relating with one another with brotherly love across board.

“Beyond Face Value:Beware”


What we see today is beyond comprehension. So much confusion on the political terrain. Typical of biblical saying ” The hand of Essau, but the voice of Jacob”

But one thing is very clear…….
Every MARADONIC tendencies will lead to beyond STEP ASIDE.

If “election is not on the table” then what would be?. My prayer for the sitting defacto is to realise that there is a bigger agenda than his by the people who just want power for power sake.

Check this out…..
Somebody was brought out of prison and installed as defacto to make peace with a particular region for the death of Hope ’93 hero and at the same time to have control of him.
And once beaten, twice shy! The installer were beaten to their game in shame. Which brought out the sitting defacto as successor. What he was brought out to lay to rest is what and where he’s being led to accomplish. And almost all the notable in the christiandom have fallen for the bait because of the fear of islamisation.

The silent war of ego and to settle score is on. A change on its own that can sweep sitting defacto aside. Nigerian should beware because the master of devlish game is at work. All heavenly genius should be at alert.

Look deep into the crystal ball……
There are so much fear from south against Islamisation, yet the vice defacto’s campaign is about having more muslim than opposittion?

Who took the born again defacto to IOC meeting in 2014?

In Animal Kingdom, some animal are more equal than the other. The more equal are roaring their head for a pound of flesh and anybody can be a scape goat, sitting defacto inclusive.

image source: pinterest quotes

“Respect Beget Respect”

Mutual respect is an ideal thing in all relationship. Sort of give and take. People talk of respecting leader but leaders hardly respect the led to get their respect in return.

Politically, people are taken for granted and whatever they feel doesn’t count. That’s the reality of our situation here. To the extent that many nigerians defranchised themselves because they have lost interest in electoral process.