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“The Sides Of The Coin:Nigeria Economy”


We have experienced over a long period of time of what can be called  Leadership Deficiency for close to 30 years. So called intelligent people but dubious, they promised so much but their  result was bankruptcy. Leaders with no leadway to make Nigeria a exportation market place.  All they  are good at is running the country  to the ground.

Some called themselves  technocrats with heavy credentials. Their so called contributions had not resulted in any significant economic impact, yet they still critizise this new government for lack orthodox methods. The method they used without any results in their time when they were in power.

Such people are to be seen but not to be heard any longer.

Drastic situation demand drastic solution for sustainable change.

“A Bit Of Relief In Nigeria”


There  had been tension all through economically with every commodity price skyrocketed and life became hard for Lot of people. 

The government said everything hangs on 2016 budget.  The budget first got missing and was represented. Got padded and altered, but at the end of the day, the legislative arm did what was expected of them. The President signed the 2016 budget into law.

Everyone now await the much promised social and economic turnaround with relief.

“Mushrooms On Dry Economy”


These are what the yesterday power holders were. And now in opposition, want to turn  themselves to stumbling blocks to New political dispensation. Their boastfulness and arrogance had not left them.

They have not realised that there is a new political order and reality that power belongs to the people.

“An Amazon Indeed:Among Miscreant”


Petrol has become gold in Nigeria. Among fuel stations owners in Nigeria, Mrs V. A. Samson’s Bovas petrol stations dispenses product at official rate. Unbelievable where heartless people are holding  Nigerians to ransom.

Many people had forgotten that the only way to serve God is in truth and righteousness. It’s only God who know who serves Him.

People are blaming President Buhari and his party for the economic woes, but they forgot that. “B’omode ba subu, a wo iwaju. Ba gba ba subu, a weyin wo”. We must look back to know how we got here. Nigeria is on its knees right now. How do we get back on our feet economically? That would not come in a jiffy, so everyone should tighten the seat belt. The prayer offered for Mrs. Samsom and her likes, God will honour it and judge everyone by their deeds. Amen.

“A Step At A Time”


President Muhammadu Buhari decked like the ‘boys on the block’.

Tell any Nigeria of your online presense, the question comes speedily ‘are you making money? ‘
I can’t recount how many times I have to answer that if it’s money that’s the motivation, ponzi scheme is at the door knocking.

Don’t blame Nigerians, we always think it’s all about money, so people are ready to do anything to get to that money. They  don’t understand that knowledge has to be sought to get direction. The value chain had been broken long ago from the time of our ‘maradonic’ self styled military President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. The author of “use what you have to get what you want”. This breeded all manner of irregularities and shortcuts in the system, persisting from one government or the other after him till the man he overthrew returned  to power through ballot.

The system over time made many to be seeker of what to eat. “what is it in there for me? ” not what is it that I need to contribute?. The attitude enumerated above made us redundant and lazy with almost every one young and old hanging on the  government. The people  that supposed to be asset to government were liabilities that the government can no longer afford.

We are greatly endowed. We must tap into building our human resources and this is the right time. The new government should continue in the path earmarked.  Anybody who want to cry wolf can go ahead to display their stupidity.

“Trailer, Trailer Everywhere”


Within inter city and inter state of Nigeria’s major cities and towns, in all the highways and major roads, trailers are everywhere. The weight of their content/load over time damage most of the roads and highways. These freight are suited for rail system.b


Political leaders for long steal our money. Owned about 70% of these trucks and still uses to destroy our so called infrastructures. They owned petrol filling stations and at the same time are importers of petroleum products after grounding all the four refineries without building new ones. They have stooges that front for them. This makes lots of youth becoming lazy, always looking for easy money. There’s a common saying “if you can’t win them, join them” The battle against corruption was like lost until the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari. Who is sanitizing the system.

“Mentality Is It:Buy Nigerian Products”


When you see a nation growing and you see another going down, it’s all about how people of that nation allows their mind to run.

The generality of the people by their lifestyle may be the clog in the wheel of sustainable progress in a nation.

We’ve been in situation where generality of Nigerians emulate, is it rather stupidity or lack of visionary leadership to surround themselves with everything foreign?

How long can we go on with the desire for foreign items filling up our lives?
How long can we look down on what is ours?
How long can we be less patriotic to our nation?

These and more are pertinent questions that we as a nation need to address. From our very top position to the bottom. How do we truly make our nation great? Not just by the virtue of our size, but by begin  to adjust our collective lifestyle to stimulate our economic growth. We may not experience any progressive change if we keep on the way we are.

People who doesn’t easily given in to positive and dynamic change may  eventually be forced to toe the line.



There are times and seasons. And there is always a right time and season. We as people wherever we found ourselves, must not defaces and devalues our existence and common good.

Now is the right time to put stop to self centeredness so that we do not limit our potentials and possibilities. All the financial excavation where people just use their position to embezzle public fund has not done any good to both the embezzlers and the people.

There is price to pay always, for our actions and inactions. Lets salvage this economy and take it out of subsistence level to industrialization. We can not afford not to. All the drain pipes must be blocked.

Let’s just see our numerous economic failings as unavoidable passages that will lead us to success and prosperity for the nation.

“Industrialisation of Nigeria”


Industrialisation is the foundation to successful economic impact that strenghten democtractic dispensation.  It is pertinent in our stride to self actualisation as a nation.

Let us not be deceived or try to deceive ourselves that there is other way out.i The only way out is to follow the path that leads to the promised land, and that is to industrialize.

To be able to feed ourselves, to cloth ourselves, and to put shelter upon our heads.
Around all these mentioned here lies massive industrialisation.

At this point in the life of our nation. We must desist from the usual general attitude of what comes to me but what comes to others first. When we learn to serves others well with sincerity, our personal need will be met.

Today is the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari as the new President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. From all indication, it’s an entrance into a new result oriented and glorius era.