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“Weekly Photo Challenge:Dance/Angelic”


We human being are beings inside being. Because we carry spirit of God in us and, by grace have angels in our presesence to serve us. This is quite reflective of different mode in which we operate. Am I sounding spiritual?

Well, that my present mode. The picture above is dance that look angelic. A work of Art through camera set up. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

“Weekly Photo Challenge:Dance:


Ordinarily what struck mind by checking out this week theme is picture of human figure dancing. But the truth is all that lives has ways of expression.  If cats can take selfie!

The guideline has influenced my looking deep into nature. Influence!

Talking about influence,  waves, breeze can make anything  hanging on its way to  swing.

This is what is seen by this particular species of palms to dance to the dictate of the breeze.

The photograph is just taken right on Gibbs street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, nigeria.