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” A Long Haul: A Win Win”


Nothing to lose.
There is this Yoruba adage “Whoever knows the day to succeed may likely know the day to die”

Success is relative depending how you measure it. One most important point is I am most grateful to God for my life and all the blessings….good health,family and opportunities. despite everything life goes on.

In my teen, my grandfather was wonderful and lovely. Being the first child of his eldest son, I was very close to him. Always with him whenever he’s back to the city, Ibadan. From the village where he had his farming business. A successful farmer. Almost half a century after, I still remember his musical prowess. Full of philosophy. Sampler- “Boojo bade e ma ma mun siga o! Olukoso oo gbodo riinan o”. When it rains with lightning, don’t lit a cigarette! The god of thunder doesn’t like smoke. In Yoruba mythology, “shango” is the god of thunder. There is epic movie of that title.

I never knew how it came but I knew way back that in whatever I do or wherever I am, I always want to stand out. I also know that early that success would make you to stand out. I desired it so much and I saw creativity as the vehicle. My first shot was having an outfit called ” Creative Desire”, to “Keem Craft2Wear”, to “Prestige Collection”, to “Keem Prestige” to now ” Keem Prestige Global Success Network”. That’s the new dispensation and it’s by God’s grace for real. This span close to 3 decades with lots of creative commitments.

I have come to the INTERNET with all humility to learn and to do, to face challenges and overcome it. To have fulfillment all through the rest of my life. Dear Lord help me. Amen.

My appeal to my contemporaries and youth alike is to embrace internet and stop thinking it is a future thing. It is today thing, as one of my friend blogger says ” Life Out Of The Box” ( LOOB)

Photo : U LeGuin