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“Trailer, Trailer Everywhere”


Within inter city and inter state of Nigeria’s major cities and towns, in all the highways and major roads, trailers are everywhere. The weight of their content/load over time damage most of the roads and highways. These freight are suited for rail system.b


Political leaders for long steal our money. Owned about 70% of these trucks and still uses to destroy our so called infrastructures. They owned petrol filling stations and at the same time are importers of petroleum products after grounding all the four refineries without building new ones. They have stooges that front for them. This makes lots of youth becoming lazy, always looking for easy money. There’s a common saying “if you can’t win them, join them” The battle against corruption was like lost until the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari. Who is sanitizing the system.

“The Other Side Of Goodluck”


Deadlock at a filling station without fuel.

This is a great achievement of a great leader. The thing is, we have had the greatest fuel economy in the world befitting our nation as a leading oil producer. Kudos to GEJ led presidency. What a pity he could’t come back. Thank you our dear President. Never mind the yoruba adage which says a ‘liar is also a thief’

Don’t even mind those crying for asset declaration. What you declared six years ago is still valid today. Afterall nothing have CHANGED.

Image source: Information Nigeria

“Life Of Service”

Life of service to humanity is very noble. The scale does not matter. In fact it’s good to start small at it and grow it to a big concern.

Wheather it’s for profit or non profit! It oil the wheel of life and keep it going. It’s anti-productive to do otherwise.

In our political situation, the stakeholer have put in to such of what would come to them at the expence of what goes to others as common good.

We have endured their tendencies and I think it’s high time they acknowledge the fact that whom much is given, much is expected.

“Phtography 101:Connect”


The object of the my today post is electricity power transformer that control the electrical connectivity to particular area. Please don’t mind my sounding alarming! This sector has gulped over $200 billion spent by the ruling party who had been in power for the past 15 year. Yet uninterupted supply is not yet a reality. A result of absolute corruption.

“The Undying Adage”

“Ti egungun ban’ lee ni, kaa maa roju” when masqurade pursue you, you need patience and endurance.”

In a place full of blinds, one eyed is the king.
Permit me friends! No matter how pleasant the picture portrayed, what you see is window dressing.

No one is perfect! including myself. I am not expecting perfection from our leaders, but I expect them to be just. To have integrity! To know that these acquisition and accumulation of ill gotten wealth would not take them anywhere. Easy comes easy goes.

Where are Sadam Hussein, Gadaffi, and their like today?

Look at this. United State decide to return Abacha loot kept In several banks abroad. They should just hand it over to his son who had been endorsed by the rulling party to carry their flag as their candidate for governorship ticket for Kano state come 2015. An indicted person charged for corruption but the charge written off.

I look and laugh at how unserious the effort to curb corruption.

Where there is no discipline, there would be n tangible but cosmetic progress.