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Attitude and will, your powerful yet fragile soldiers in the battles of change. – http://wp.me/p76Plg-5K

In support of the leader like no other. President Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria. The Change is REAL

“A Bit Of Relief In Nigeria”


There  had been tension all through economically with every commodity price skyrocketed and life became hard for Lot of people. 

The government said everything hangs on 2016 budget.  The budget first got missing and was represented. Got padded and altered, but at the end of the day, the legislative arm did what was expected of them. The President signed the 2016 budget into law.

Everyone now await the much promised social and economic turnaround with relief.

“There Is Price To Pay”

This was first posted Nov, ’14. About change we go through from time to time as an individual and as a nation. Particularly the one we’ve gone though politically. What we’re going through now is the price we have to pay. Though hard hitting, but its temporal. At the end of it, we see a brighter side of Nigeria.


“Weekly Photo Challenge:Change”


This is the photograph of #NigeriaAt55 anniverssary. Though not personally taken but speak volume of our Change mantra.

The spirit of change is in the air all over the nation. Change from our corruptive ways to new lease of nationhood where things are done properly to move our country to a great nation that exhibit self respect.

Dear friends, please join us as we celebrate our stepping into CHANGE for a better



“We Are Ready For Industrialisation”

This moment have long being expected. But it is a good thing, we are in the new era of cake making and productivity. We have capacity as Nigerians tired of cake eating and sharing. There are gifted hands all over this nation. It is time to do the build-up to creativity and productivity.


Travelling bag.


Neck bag.


Travelling bag.


Travelling documents pouch.

All what we need to do is to create enabling enviroment without any iota of corrupt tendencies.
These are sample products made in conjuction with FrankRose Foundation. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria. 

“The Garbage Men”


That’s what the crops of outgoing politician are. There was a popular adage here in the olden days “when a stranger is about to leave, he pass excreta into a plate”.

For the fact that they are leaving, utility is non functional, refuse are not promptly cleared, fuel scarcity, backlog of civil servant’s salary unpaid, so much debt incurred, and they will still arogantly say they have kept their electoral promises.

Late maetro Fela Anikulapo Kuti says “for the country of the blind, one eyed man is the king”. We need to shine our eyes.