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“Blogging U 101 Challenge”

Its starting again as usual and typical of wordpress. I wonder if the team don’t sleep or rest. Where and how do they get the steam and energy to be so forthcoming. Well since am becoming neck deep into this locomotion! I will strive to roll along on top of the wheel that keep zooming like supersonic jet. We have a saying here that when the leaf stick to the soap for long, it become soap.

Many times when I excitedly tell some egg head around me how fullfiling blog life could be. The question some ask is have you been making money with it?, do I care? If and when it comes fine. What I care about is how to nurture the relationship that comes my way via the blog platfom on daily basis, and the true friendship expressed by both powerful and the up and coming bloggers like myself. It is so sweet to know I belong globally and I am not and will never be limited in any area of my life again. What a wonderful feeling of belonging to community on the move.

What could I add more to this than to say kudos to the drivers of this engine for their unrelented  effort and drive to keep me from snoring believing that it will be hot pursuit of words in the next 30 day. But come to think of it! Where is the extra time over 20 min. for editing. The time we normally called injury time? Am hanging off. Cheers.