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“Art, Fashion, Blog And Me”

Right from my early days, I am in big trouble if anything I feel I can do cross my mind and that inner me always call me ‘Akeem you can do this’ there will be no peace until I settle down to try it.

My mind go through lot of preparation and at attempt to practically approach it. It may or may not take much time to accomplish it. No matter how long it takes to accomplish the task, peace and satisfaction is the aftermath. 

I am very patient and ready to learn along the line. Conscious of details that leads to perfection. Knowing the power of difference and uniqueness that makes something outstanding.

I have followed that path all my life as a journey of lifetime. So to all my blogs followers, I say big thanks for being part of that story because without you it would have been inconclusive.


Prestige Cap signature design. Its all about movement of meandering art.
‘The beauty that radiates on the head is most dignifying.


Selfie taken 2011 when our hope on former President Goodluck Jonathan was high. Before that year election. But that’s another story.


Dubbed this blazer ‘for the Stars’. Not a fabric but an assemblage of velvet cut into stars, iron on air-stay and embroideried to make the blazer. A masterpiece.


A tiger embroideried art. Size(92 by 68 cm) on black velvet and mazonia wood frame. It’s aesthetic.


In the begining, 1991. That was when Keem Prestige Collections came to being. We have passed through challenges and price paid for what I believe in and love doing. The genesis of what’s today known as Keem Prestige Global Success Network………..@keempres.
To God be all the Glory, Honour and Adoration. Amen

“Still On WordPress”

Appeal to WordPress.
I discover that my visa card is still valid till d very end of the month. The domain renewal fee was actually deducted via paypal. But suprisingly reversed, I assumed maybe because I deactivate the automatic renewal.

That, I had reactivated and bearing in mind that today is still 29th.

Still very much in love fly with WordPress.

“$18 Domain Challenge”

I wish I could find another way than this to expres my challenging experience since I got domain name. Keempres.com

Please what do I need to do? I could not access my stats,
Reader, notifications. Anything I click on at the top bar takes me to page loging on the laptop. Also it is getting difficult on the phone!  Going to reader to read from the bloggers that I follow! It say I had not followed. If anyone know what I can do, pls help

“Writing 101, Day Twenty: The Thing We Treasure”


Nothing I treasure now than my online presense. It is something so precious to my life now and in the future. But the unfortunate thing is I might not be able to meet the requirement of this last day challenge because of so many up and down we face everyday in terms ofenergy supply. Just got a low battery warning from my phone. Let my picture say the rest.


Thank you all for your listening ear. I am proud to be part of this excercise.

“Writing 101, Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop The Rockin’ “

All road lead to the digital world………

Today is a free writing day. Write at least four hundred words and once you start, don’t stop, no-self editing, no trash-talking and no secong guessing, just go.


What can we say of our world today. It has actually gone towards a direction, digitally unbelievably. Thanks to to scientist who then worked their life to frenzy and was able to deliever to the world something so tangible and very benefitting to mankind

What the world would have been without this digital phonemenon. There wouldn’t have been what we today called digital village. Neither would there have been close interactive ass we know it today.

No hand shaking across the ocean or shoulder rubbing, not to talk of holding one another hand by hand. The journey that started less than three decades had been so transforming across board. It has drastically change the way everything runs on planet earth. Such as the way we relate with ourselve as human being, the way we relate with our enviroment, and other living things such as animals.

We all had been towing the line in unison and it had created a divide digitally. You just have to be up abd doing, strive constantly to catch up if you are lacking in acquiring the digital knowledge which had become a must for you to be globally relevant today and the future. If you are not just there, you are not there at all.

Because of its origination. The western world gain digital momentum so rapidly within the space of ten years. Something that started like nothing witness phenomenon growth at ration of between 300-500% within first five years. While on this side of the world. Africa because of our easy have it nature and lack of researching lifestyle were still basking in our usual lifestyle not knowing that the tide has changed.

Nigeria for example were using analogue telephone landline till late nineteen nineties. We actually got GSM operation by 2001 or thereabout. When the GSM came, initialyy people thought it was all abouljust making voice call. But as the service provider settles more into the the business with several upgrading facilities! They started rolling out other services that had not only add value to life but had also improve their economic well being.

When the idea of making money got here, it was the swindlers that first got it, and they bastardise it to the detriment of genuine others who just want to be legitimate in all their doing. For example, Paypal does not do business with Nigeria. I honestly hope they’ll change their mind. Sometime I wonder if you can make legitimate money online, why go dubious? They are always in a hurry to make money forgetting that easy comes, easy goes.

The conclusive part of this post is that internet the way I see it had been and is still a blessing to mankind. Whichevr way you look at it. I know whatever has advantage does have disadvantage, but the undisputable fact is that internet nas made the world a better place. Mankind a better being void of any limitation. Isn’t that so? Afterall it afford me to related with you and learning from everyone and everywhere. It has made my life better than it used to be. I think I’ll always be grateful for that and the entire blogging community including our host platform. WordPress and its entire systemn. 

“Writing 101, Day Eighteeen: Hone your Point Of View”

The neigbourhood has seen better days, but Mrs Pauley has lived there since before anyone can remember. She raise a family of six boys, who’re grown up and moved away. Since Mr Pauley died died three months ago, she’d no income. She fallen behind in the rent.

The lanlord accompanied by the police, have come to evict Mrs Pauley from the house she’s lived in for fourty years. Write this story in the first person told by twelve years old sitting on the stoop across the street.

“Ah! I can’t believe this is happening. The rumour of Mrs Pauley eviction is actually happening. How can the bubble just bust like this few months after her husband was laid to rest? Where are all the members of the family and where would she be taken now? Probably to a nursing home for old people”.

Lola, twelve years old stoop on the frail wood short staircase in front of their apartment watches the whole incident with deep sadness and pity. She wish she’s in position to come to old woman’s aid. She’s emotionally touched and could not stop the tears dripping on her face as Mrs Pauley is led to police car onward to God knows where they are taking her.

“I will never allow this to happen to me in my old age, no matter what it will take. I would not want to go through this. Never. This is societal conspiracy and unfair advantage” she stood up sobing and retreated to their appartment extremely unhappy.

“Writing 101, Day Seventeen: Your Personality On The Page”

Finding a way around it……….

I wish i can write well, tell damn good stories, makes you laugh, makes you cry. Makes you relate or feel the realism of my stories. But frankly speaking, it look like a journey too far. See what blogging has done to me?

I got here thinking ‘let me just write anything that will just give me kick, like escapism that takes me somewhere so peaceful leaving behind my inadequacies. All these keep revolving at the same time like wheel in motion. And at the same time, consciously being careful about how I go about it without looking stupid.

Sometimes it can be truely overwhelming. I have encounter block few times but I have found a way around it. When it comes, I’ll just take a nap to ease my tension. Writing can be really challenging but as well fulfilling.

I see so many beautiful styles, lot of good ones. Million of bloggers out there far more better. But the thing is, i must keep learning and perfecting the art, or is it act? As we used to say here ‘no be small thing o’ but the beat goes on.

Truely the beat of anxiety, fear, doubt drums! Though the will never allows its sound to be heard. The will as in, let me hide behind the stroke or rather the click to express the rumbling of the heart through the burning flame of desire to make what would have being ordinarily a mere thought to something tangible.

Don’t be in a hurry to judge what it is now as the benchmark but rather the genesis of multiple streams gushing down the terrain.

“Writing 101, Day Sixteen:Serial Killer III”

“Money, money, money. It’s the rich men’s world”
Popular song be ABBA. The Swedish group.

Which of these could be more exciting? Something that is lost and found or something that is not lost but you have been looking for all your life for a fulfillment and a way of permanent rest?

The time and space of life allow some mistakes or insensitivity which may result in not getting one’s bearing perfect in life at a point, but then! If it drop, you bend down to pick it up, ie ‘not given up’. It could be recovery, renew or refreshing.

There is nothing as perfect situation in life. As much as we strives to outdo or aspire to change level of our performance and previous achievement, it is a rat race all the way. These aspiration is the grease that oil the wheel of progress which must certainly be in motion.

Man by nature can and would never be satisfied, whatever the level of achievement. No matter what you have, you’ll always want more of it. Spouse issue non inclusive. Though Africans still exhibit such, but that’s not the issue. The issue is, what we’ve not lost, but all keep looking for. And when we get it, we keep on looking for more and more.

You could call it money, wealth, Success, affluence etc. No amount of it you get and be satisfied. We must continues to keep getting it. It is fulfilling if it sourced legitimately and more rewarding when it add value to other people’s life.
Coming to personal level, I want success and had been on the road for it. Through all my life, desired to legitimately get it.

There are good wealth and there are bad wealth. Sometimes people argue that there is no bad weath but what you do with it matter. I don’t agree. We have a saying here, “aa kii fowo ekun raja erin” money you get from causing others agony and sadness, you can’t use that to obtain joy. Even if you do, it’s temporary. What I want is good wealth that will grant me rest till my old age.

I discover internet has lot of goodies that people like me had failed to see. But it better be late than never. I took my time to recherche and what I discover and still discovering is amazing. It has all the trappings of permanent and residual rest coupled with ‘jara’ extra!

You can’t be deep into online entrepreneurship without providing ‘values’ to several hundreds and thousands of souls. That’s the unforgetable reality that drives me to utmost velocity. With what I held and the digital reality of today.

My constant agitation is for all to embrace that reality irrespective of your age and turn your life around for good.

“Writing 101, Day Fifteen: Your Voice Will Find You”

Art is life……
Crafts is the good…..
Tourism is the lifestyle….

One fact I know of my nature is, i am nomadic right from my youth days. I follow the art and tourism. Want to go everywhere, see everything there to be seen. Always hungry to consume what nature has to offer. From appreciating structurtal sites, to foods, cultural appeal. Whatever there is to it.

That was the drive that has taken me around few West African countries. As a craftsman, I was always taken in by the vast display of craftmanship and the variety of style at such forum. The desire to see that level of organised craft show that will draw participants from nook and cranny of Africa countries assembling their wares in Calabar was top on my agenda when I settled here seven years ago.

I love craft, no doubt about that and with the knowledge acquired over the years, to be part of setting up such event would have been fullfilling. But the idea was a bit late coming because the time I came in was a transitional period of handing the leadership baton of the state to a newly elected government. The then outgoing leadership laid a foundation for such effort but the incoming goverment has a different agenda.

We were adviced to form association! We did. Yet the desire to create a vibrant art and craft industries that will service and create a pool of artisans and craftsmen manufacturing small small tourist art and crafts has not materialised. Even the land earmarked to build the Art and Craft Village right at the Cultural Center had been sold out to private developer to build a shopping complex.

The good thing is leadership will always change hand. If and when the new leaders emerges which would be in a couple of months, less than a year. People of like mind like myself will still find a way of actualising that dream of establishing art and craft industry around here.

“Writing 101, Day Fourteen: To Whom It May Concern”

The prompt of the day is to pick the nearest book and open page 29 to pick word that stand out and write a post based on that word. Robert G. Allen’s ‘Multiple Streams Of Internet Income’ is handy and the word ‘Audience’ is my pick.

Here we go!………..


To those of us who are already aware of the freedom, lifestyle and other largesse internet offers. Such as ability to work and live anywhere in the world as you so desire. Wherever you go, your business is as well mobile. If  you’re tired of rat race of 9-5. Or probably you are thinking of a way out, tired of your comfort zone. Focusing on internet as a way out? My prayer for you is for your way to be rough. How many of us will say amen to that?.

Our popular saying here is, “Ninu ikoko dudu, leeko funfun ti njade”, it’s from the black pot that white pap comes out.
“Ikoko too ba ma laabe ata, idi e nlati gbonan” the pot that will taste the sweetness of soup must endure the heat

There is no doubt that one of the strongest foundation of online business is to build the audience. The list of subscribers via email. It is called permission marketing. I have written lots of post on the people who are yet to be aware that internet had actually brought tons of opportunities to the world. To those who have not seen it a reality! Well time would soon come for them to see its inevitability. I used to be like them before. But this my post goes to those that are already aware and have started to take action or about to.

If you are in this categories. These are few things to guide you, but before that. I would like to ask, which of these you consider most important and desirable?
Money or Value?
If it’s money, you’ll be looking for the quickest way to make it. That could be disastrous.
If it’s value, I congratulate you because you’re a seeker. To seek is to find. In that course, you must be prepared to go the long haul.
#Be prepared to learn. In fact there will be no end to learning.
#Be patient because you’ll encounter uncountable curves.
#Be passionate so that you’ll not be easily discouraged.
#Be determined, that you’ll not be intimidated or overwhelmed. Though once in a while you’ll encounter these.
#Be committed because you’ve set youself on a roller coaster.
#Be assured that you’ve made a good start and it’ll definately end well.
#Be hungry not for money but for knowledge.

Excercising on all these above is a kind of being like a well prepared land. Manured, waiting for seed. These are preparatory success in online entrepreneurship.
The pillar of that success is your audience. Have you come across the saying “The money is in the list?” If you’ve not! You’ll soon.

The 1st rule is to build your audience before introducing the business. Audience are your would be customers. Without them, there is no business. They are the foundation pillar upon which the structure of your business stand. It’s very important to take note of that. Building the audience may take time, depends on your approach. I assume people am addressing has already gotten a platform to express their intention? That is, you have a blog running.

Then you can build or buy list depending on your business circumstances. You can even do both.
The business of internet is basically information dissemination. Every talk is of smart content marketing. It has to be smart and many times given out free as a bait to ‘hungry fish’. It’s true that we all are hungry for knowledge that can add value to our life.

Tons of volumes of information flying left and right on the web are consumed daily. You need to add you own to it. Take time to do all your learning and begin to take action.

Would it be smooth? No
Would it be an easy ride? No
Would it be full of obstacles? Yes
Is it worth the while? Yes
Must you go for it? Yes
It it achievable? Sure
Can you handle that? Yes very well
Are you ready to go all the way?  Well the ball is in your court.
But one thing is sure, ‘who want to lick the honey burried in the rock would not mind the sharpness of an axe’

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