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“Sculptural Gift By Rotarian:Aba”


On the wheel of Rotary Aba. Elephant symbolises power, authority and prestige to Igbo, a major tribe in Nigeria. This is found in the heart of Aba city, commercial nerve center of Abia State. Eastern Nigeria.


Donated many years ago by the Rotary Club International of Aba.

“Weekly Photo Challenge:On The Move”


This picture taken at a bus terminal.

Aba is a commercial city of neighboring Abia state. I was a bit stressed up because it was raining heavily couple with the very bad road we were to go through to get back to Calabar.         The journey should ordianarily take less than three hours plus but took about five hours. The road is less than three hundred km. that cut across two states. Though it is Federal Government road. The total negligence by the federal and states authority to repair the road make life a bit difficult for traders/commuters and drivers alike who unfortunately ply this road everyday. Very ironical, a country so rich in oil but blessed with inexperienced leadership that does not have capacity to provide modern day infrastructure for its citizenry acros the board. It’s difficult to comprehend this.